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Exadel is looking for a Lead Java Software Engineer that is very good in Java and knows Flex. We are looking for someone who is smart and enjoys challenges. This person will be working 50% Architectual Design and 50% development. Requirements for this position include: Java ,

Exadel is looking for MySQL Database Senior Developer able to travel to the USA for business trip.
Required skills:
1. Minimum of 3 years as a DBA on one of these RDBMS: MySQL, Postgress, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase.
2. Minimum of 3 years programming experience in database systems used, well versed in relational database technology, transaction processing procedures, and advanced modeling and design tools.
3. Experience in data warehousing, data mart, and data mining.
4. Knowledge of, and skilled in use of systems analysis, logic diagramming, test debugging, system software, hardware computer operations, and documentation standards.
5. English is a must.
Company provides adequate salary, professional growth, flexible hours, good social packet: sport, med. insurance, English classes.

Exadel is looking for Business Analyst.
1. Experience 1,5 years, Experience in IT is a must.;
2. Strong English;
3.Ability to stay abroad (USA) for 3 months.
We offer: flexible schedule, appropriate “white” salary, med. insurance, paid vacations & sick leave.

Exadel is looking for RubyOnRails Lead/Senior Software Engineer. Requirements: 1. Experience in ROR more 3+ years. 2. Java knowledge is a big plus. 3. Fluent English is a must. 4. Good verbal and written communication skills. 5. - Self-starter, proactive, positive, creative, and flexible. We offer adequate and white salary, social packet, friendly team.

Exadel is looking for DB Specialist.
experience in SQL Server 2008 development, specifically with expertise in development of SSIS packages, complex stored procedures and SQL Server Reporting Services report development and integration with existing web applications.

Exadel is looking for .Net Developer.
1. Fluent English is a must;
2. Experience 1,5+ years in .Net;
3. Experience in ASP.NET
We provide: professional and carrier growth, 100% white salary, flexible hours, social packet: sport,med. insurance, English courses.

Please, contact us job-minsk@exadel.com or icq 176 404 909