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Asp.net Developer

Тема в разделе "Предложения работы", создана пользователем SvetlanaL, 16 дек 2013.

  1. SvetlanaL

    SvetlanaL Well-Known Member

    13 дек 2012
    We welcome an experienced specialist to join one of our interesting project as an ASP.NET Developer. The main goal of this project is to migrate web-based application to new platform, which is based on the modern cutting age technologies, such as ASP.NET MVC 4, jQuery, Knockout, Redis. The product of this project is an enterprise level cloud based ERP system, which is spit up into more than 50 modules, such as Accounting, Purchasing and other aspects of manufacture industry. The project starts from 5-6 developers and two QA, and expected to grow up to 100 Dev & QA specialists in 5 months.


    Strong knowledge of ASP.NET MVC 4;
    Strong knowledge of C#;
    Experience with jQuery, KnockOut;
    Good knowledge of MS SQL Server;
    Good knowledge of NUnit, Moq, Jasmine;
    Experience with Redis, Cassette, Glimpse;
    Experience in development of big corporate applications;
    Good English (Intermediate level), ability to participate in calls with customer.


    Good understanding and experience in code unit testing;
    Experience with jQuery, SQL, Classic Asp.


    Rewriting ERP system to new platform (ASP to MVC 4);
    Analyzing old code to extract business logic and behavioral patterns;
    Clarify technical and business details with the customer;
    Implement extract business logic and clarify technical decisions at the new web application;
    Conduct code reviewing of less mature colleagues.

    About the customer:

    Our customer is a producer of manufacturing operations on their own Cloud. From cam shafts to craft beers, from high-performance diesel engines to aircraft parts, this Cloud helps companies automate the shop floor and inform the top floor. They designed ERP solutions literally from the ground up to connect suppliers, manage materials, control machines and deliver the accounting and business intelligence manufacturing organizations need.

    Контактное лицо: Евгения Буракова
    +375 29 3721766
    Skype yauheniya.burakova

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