В офис C++ developer минск

Elilink (Elinext Group) has been on the IT-market for more than 15 years.
Websites - elilink.com, elinext.com

We are looking for a Senior C++ engineer to develop a Linux server application working in the high-load low-latency environment.

Required Skills:

-Proficient C/C++
-C++ libraries (STL is a must; Boost, Qt, or similar, are nice to have)
-Experience with Unix platforms
-Networking and client-server architecture
-Object-oriented design and analysis
-Multi-threading, memory management and low-level operating systems concepts
-TDD process, tools and frameworks (googletest, Boost.Test, CppUnit, googlemock, HippoMocks, etc)
-Native applications troubleshooting (gdb, valgrind, callgrind, massif)
-Basic SQL and databases
-Basic shell scripting, makefiles, other scripting languages (python, perl, etc)

Elilink offers:
-Good opportunities for professional growth
-Attractive salary
-Comfortable office in the downtown of Minsk
-Friendly collective, teambuildings
-Flexible working hours

Feel free to contact me: vpavlyukevich@elilink.com