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    C++ developer



    Take part in development trading systems within the team of highly qualified specialists.

    Candidate Background:

    • Minimum 5 years of industry experience of 3 -4 years developing in C++
    • During the 4 years the candidate must have used STL, written threaded servers, and worked with a RDBMS (SQL Server Sybase, oracle).
    • Candidate must come from a top University with a first class degree in Computer Science, Physics, or related Math's or other analytical degree.

    • In STL, the candidate must display where and why a specific container should be used.
    • Must show an understanding of the underlying implementation of most common containers. Provide practical examples of where he/she applied this knowledge.
    • The candidate must have clear knowledge of all pitfalls and performance criteria linked to all commonly used aspects of STL.

    • Candidate must be able to demonstrate an understanding of threading. Various thread models, implementations, and a specific OS implementation (NT, Solaris, or POSIX on UNIX). Must have applied these skills in a high performance env (Comms, market data capture, other engineering disciplines etc).
    • Candidates must have actively used design patterns in their implementation for at least the last two years.
    • Strong understanding of a RDBMS.
    • Strong understanding and knowledge of a chosen OS (NT, Linux, Solaris, etc ).
    • Background in Finance is desirable but not required.
    • Candidate must be a strong team player with excellent communication skills.

    Compensations package:

    $4000-$5000+full relocation package with family +annual bonus+med. insurance

    CV: ebryleva@cornerstone.ru
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