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We are seeking to hire Database Administrators specializing either in MS SQL or in MySQL, top-notch specialists who will fulfill the primary DBA responsibilities. If you have relevant technical skills, the ability to think and communicate both strategically and tactically as well as proactive approach ensuring success of both personal and team deliverables then you are definitely that cool candidate we are looking for! The ability to ensure accuracy as well as real experience on production systems are also strongly required.

In our turn we offer the opportunity to join one of our awesome projects (please see the description below) and take advantage of a wide range of various benefits and possibilities available for EPAM employees only.


- Candidates must possess a demonstrable working knowledge of Microsoft SQL or MySQL enterprise database environments;
- Extensive experience in developing and maintaining Microsoft SQL 2012/2008R2/2005 environments is required;
- Previous work experience in database administration and maintenance is a must. Experience working on international projects preferred;
- Good English communication skills are required;
- Strong writing and oral communication skills.


- Bachelor's Degree;
- 3 to 5 years’ experience in Microsoft SQL or MySQL Database Administration.


- Database Systems Administration: administers, maintains, and implements policies and procedures to ensure security and integrity of the company database. Applies patch, account password changes. Implements data models and database designs, data access and table maintenance solutions; resolves database performance issues, database capacity, issues, replications, and other distributed data issues, cluster technologies;
- Disaster/Recovery Support: provides design, development, testing, and deployment of disaster recovery solution (replication/log shipping) for database systems;
- Assist the development team in SQL/T-SQL tuning and optimization (depending on your specialization).

Project description:

We work with cutting-edge technologies and help our clients in Europe, Canada, and the US to introduce innovative technologies into their businesses. We are maintaining the systems ensuring continuous work of the largest banks, stock exchanges, insurance companies, air companies, and global manufacturers.

Our team includes 15+ tiptop professionals with a strong expertise in database administration. All our specialists have extensive experience in the professional sphere (5-15 years) including experience of cooperation with the largest global enterprises.

Why our team is worth joining?

Being part of our team, you’ll get the possibility to extend your knowledge and enhance your skills within the modern technologies in the sphere of data management and applications used for database maintenance: High Availability Clusters, Distributed Replications, Business Intelligence, Big Data, In memory databases, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Build Engineering, DevOps methodology;

Being part of our team, you’ll get the opportunity to perfect your knowledge of foreign languages and enrich your travel experience as far as the majority of our projects presuppose communication with foreign customers on a continuous basis as well as the possibility of regular business trips to Europe, the US, and Canada.

Contact info: Анна Бельская
+375 44 7744329 Skype: hanna_belskaya

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