Delphi 7 ругается на PChar

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Delphi 7 ругается на PChar
пишет: Unsafe type 'PChar'
чем он так опасен?


Delphi Help:

The Delphi dcc32 compiler now supports three additional compiler warnings: Unsafe_Type, Unsafe_Code, and Unsafe_Cast. These warnings are disabled by default, but can be enabled with the compiler directive {$WARN UNSAFE_CODE ON}, compiler command line switch (dcc32 -W+UNSAFE_CODE), and, in the IDE, on the Project|Options|Compiler Messages page.

This feature is intended to help you port your code to the managed execution environment of Microsoft's .NET platform. In a managed execution environment, "unsafe" means the operation cannot be verified during the static analysis performed by the Just In Time (JIT) compiler. Such code might pose a security risk, since there is not enough information for the JIT compiler to verify its runtime behavior. Examples of unsafe code include pointer operations and memory overwrites.


в общем не будет он компилироваться для net платформы...
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