Deny Connections From The Following Smtp Internet Hostnames/ip Address


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"Deny connections from the following SMTP internet hostnames/IP addresses:" = .it

Почему прошло письмо с
Received = "from"


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* мысли в слух:
наверное все-таки указывать маску типа *.ru неправильно, потому как он разрешает имена хостов, поэтому варниант указать ru, будет использоваться маска для хостов *. ru


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The host names, group names, and/or IP addresses that are not allowed to connect to the SMTP service on this server. If you enter host names and/or IP addresses in this field, all servers except those matching entries in this field can connect to the SMTP listener; connection requests are denied only for servers matching the entries in this field.
Enter IP addresses in brackets -- for example, []
Host name entries may be complete, as in the fully-qualified host name of a particular server, or partial, and use an implied wildcard. That is, if you enter:
Domino implicitly extends the restriction to all mail hosts within the denied domain, denying connections from *, or all host names ending in, including and
Note Using name entries may inadvertently block mail from other unrelated domains. For example, in the previous example, entering also prevents connections from To apply restrictions to hosts in a specified domain and its subdomains only, enter a leading dot (.) in domain name entries; for example:

Я постоянно получаю спам из .it . Нормальных писем оттуда приходить не должно. Поэтому самым удобным вариантом было бы просто перекрыть .it .