Developer For Mac (c/c++), Киев, $1800

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IT Professional Group

International software development company is looking for Developer for Mac (C/C++) in Kiev office.

Job Description
The developers will work on the following projects:
1) Antivirus / Antispyware solution for Mac.
2) MacOS has a firewall built in, so what we really need to add is:
a) integrated management of the existing MacOS firewall;
:( outbound protection (i.e. software firewall) – i.e. alert as applications attempt to access the internet.
3) AntiSpam; there are a multitude of antispam programs for *BSD, we could use the logic (DNSBL block lists) and Bayesian in a new product.

Job Qualifications
• More than 1 year of professional experience coding with C++ on Mac OS.
• Must be an excellent hands-on implementer with strong object oriented C++ programming skills.
• Strong analytical, diagnostic and problem-solving skills with ability to generate new ideas and work independently.
• Must be quick to learn and conquer new technologies and have a strong passion for building cutting-edge Mac applications.

• Knowledge of internet protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP and HTTPS.
• Familiarity with the x86 and PowerPC architectures including virtual memory, privilege levels and assembly language.
• Ability to tackle complex software issues such as deadlocks and exceptions using gdb.
• Experience of cross-platform development experience.
• Knowledge of OS X internals and/or device driver development.
• Good written English.

Completely “white” salary $1600-$1800.

How to apply
If you are interested and feeling your qualification is strong enough, please e-mail your detailed CV in English to with “Developer for Mac (C/C++)” in the subject line.
ICQ 298-421-041
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