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  1. Netforce

    Netforce Гость

    А mid size software development house with strong financial backup is running their own home made projects. The base area - mobile games.
    We use Agile and SCRUM methodologies both for communication and code development.

    We are looking for several positions to join our challenging team.
    - Functional programming coders especially experienced in Erlang OTP framework.
    - Flex/Flash coders
    Please find below, per role, specific needs;

    Common requirements for all candidates:
    - Analytical thinking
    - Smart and guerilla while coding
    - Advanced git knowledge
    - Good in reading and writing technical English.
    - Emacs lover, ❤ [*]. We can accept others too, but Emacs rules :please:

    1 Erlang expert

    - Works on our base infrastructure,
    - Improvement of an existing code and decisions,
    - Documentation drawing up to made work,
    - Responsibility for integrity of architecture of the project.

    Past Experience:
    - Knowledge of Parallel and distributed computing,
    - Nosql DB experience is a plus. (Riak, Redis, Hibari),
    - Strong background with Linux/BSD environments,
    - Realtime distributed systems.

    2 Senior Erlang coders

    - Maintain our system parts
    - Write backend code for our core server elements

    Past Experience:
    - Knowledge of base structures in OTP framework.
    - Strong knowledge on OOP and lambda-calculus.

    1 Junior Erlang coder

    - Code web parts of our system,
    - Help to seniors at backend work,
    - Keep your eyes wide open to learn quickly.

    Past Experience:
    - Knowledge of base structures in OTP framework.
    - Jquery, html, html5 knowledge.

    1 Flash Coder
    - Develop game clients on our existing Flex framework,
    - Communicate with server coders to comply with our internal API

    Past Experience:
    - Usage of Parsley framework[1] is a big plus.
    - Strong knowledge on OOP.
    - Strong knowledge on Flex/Flash libs.

    Work at office, full time and in peaceful atmosphere.
    Salary rate - The salary is high, by results of the interview.
    Location: Kiev
    Employment: a full time contract

    Please contact:
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