I'm Looking For A Summer Practice Vacancy

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My name is Демидов Станислав Александрович (17.09.1986)
Contacts: stdemidov@yandex.ru
+375 29 5142257 (MTS)
8 (017) 2375155
Who am I:
I'm a third-year student of the Computer Engeneering Department (Факультет Информационных Технологий и Робототехники) of BNTU (Белорусский Национальный Технический Университет),
speciality is Informational Systems & Technologies (Performing & Presentetion of Information).

Basic knowlege of: C/C++, C#, Win32;
Object Pascal (Delphi7 & its GUI);
Good English (next year I'm getting a diploma of Interpreter);

I'm interested in passing of summer practise in your company since 1.07.2007 to 1.08.2007