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Job Summary
Java SE Software Quality Engineering (SQE) is looking for Software Quality Engineer to become part of System Test Team (STT). STT is responsible for testing Java SE. STT is fully responsible for JDK Update Releases (JDK 1.2.1 to 5.0). STT is partially responsible for JDK 6 and JDK 7. Candidate will become member of existing STT SPB (14 engineers) which is part of STT (30 engineers in 3 locations). To assess quality of releases STT executes 70+ test suites (30+ are owned and maintained by STT) on 40+ different OSes, covering all necessary JDK operation modes (countless). STT is working on testing up to 7 releases simultaneously. Candidate will be involved in many team activities.

Job Description

The candidate will be responsible for test execution, result analysis, bug filing, bug verification, test suite maintenance, test execution automation, test environment setup and debugging support for development engineers. Candidate may be involved in maintenance and development of automation tools, and research on JDK testing approaches new to Java SE SQE (subject to workload). Candidate will be responsible for one or more test suites. Candidate may have to work with other, potentially distant, SQE teams if his/her test suite is not owned by STT.

Required Knowledge & Skills include:

* Java SE Platform
* At least basic shell scripting
* At least some experience with Unix command line utilities
* At least some experience with source code control systems
* Oral and written English (Intermediate+)

The following knowledges and skills will be a plus:
* Unix/Linux/Solaris/Win32 system administration
* C/C++
* Automated testing tools
* Quality Engineering experience
* Experience working cross-GEO, cross-team and cross-organization

Candidate may be asked to travel abroad. Inability to travel abroad is not blocker.

2+ years software development or quality engineering experience

Education :
- B.Sc/M.Sc degree in computer science or equivalent experience, or better

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