Lead Java Developer

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• Java core (including Collection Framework, exception handling);
• Multithreading: synchronization and locks; executor framework;
• Spring Framework: DI, bean lifecycle, core features;
• ORM (Hibernate);
• JMS: publisher-subscriber/producer-consumer patterns, core JMS classes;
• XML, O/X mapping libraries;
• Database/SQL: understanding of relational model; notion of index and its usage. Basic SQL constructs to write queries from single and multiple tables; aggregation functions;
• Apache Maven;
• Practical experience with VCS Subversion ;
• Practical experience with Atlassian JIRA ;
• Understanding of SDLC ;
• English level enough to read/write technical emails and documentation.
• Work with customer requirements;
• Analysis and design of software solutions;
• Tasks estimation;
• Development of software;
• Code refactoring and code-Review;
• Documentation of processes;
• Consultation with the project specialists (analysts and testers);
• Correspondence with the customer;
• Maintenance tasks in bug tracker.

We offer you:
• Variety of knowledge sharing opportunities
• Unique working environment where you communicate and work directly with client
• Competitive salary
• Career and professional growth
• Possibility to work in a big and successful company

Заработная плата: до 200.000
Отклики на почту: mbalabanov@bellintegrator.ru