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В офис Lead Quality Engineer (Москва / Королёв, МО)

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  1. itincorp

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    21 янв 2015
    В российский офис крупной американской издательской компании “John Wiley & Sons, Inc.”, (www.wiley.com) приглашается Lead Quality Engineer.

    Responsibilities and skills.
    • Planning and assigning all Testing activities for the team.
    • Preparing, implementing, and maintaining all test deliverables including but not limited to test plans, test scenarios, and test cases Typical Problems.
    • Analyze and assign a large variety of issues to ensure smooth and quick resolution through the development lifecycle
    • Manage test preparation and test execution activities on complex web and architectures.
    • Provide proper level of communicating up accomplishments, issues, and suggested ways of resolving these issues
    • Recruitment and mentoring Team Members.
    • All aspects of people management should be completed as effectively and efficiently as possible to ensuring best possible results from the team as a whole.
    • Tools are needed to support all aspects of testing activities, so it’s expected from QA Lead to be fully proficient with selected tools.
    • Understanding of the role of gate keeper of the QA environment and fulfilling this role.
    • Track new revisions, builds, and components deployments to QA environments.
    • Experience with multiple test case management tools (RQM, HP, Jira Plugins).
    • Experience with requirements and defect management test tools (JIRA).
    • Experience with test planning with different development methodologies. Must have experience with planning of testing in agile development environment.
    • Provide proper level of communicating up accomplishments, issues, and suggested ways of resolving these issues.
    • Address team conflicts and issues as they arise and possess the ability to escalate only when needed.
    • Cultivating and maintaining strong working relationships within the team.
    • Fluent English.

    Automation skills.
    • Planning and assigning all Automation Testing activities for the team.
    • Preparing, implementing, and maintaining all automation test deliverables including but not limited to automation test plans, automation test scenarios, automation test scripts, and reports.
    • Collect, collate, organize and present automation test information to senior management.
    • Design and articulate Wiley Automation Testing framework development.
    • Analyze test cases and determine test cases applicable for automation.
    • Develop and maintain automation test scripts.
    • Develop and maintain continuous integration for automation test scripts.
    • Perform automation testing activities on complex web architectures.
    • Manage all automation testing activities on complex web and mobile architectures.
    • Knowledge of and experience with tool sets necessary for automation test development, requirements management, test management, and issues tracking.
    • Experience with developing automation framework in 2-3 automation toolsets like HP UFT, QTP, Rational Test Workbench, JUNIT, CA Lisa, Selenium.
    • Experience of at least one programing language i.e. java, javascript, C/C++.
    • Experience in SQL, ability to write SQL queries to extract/transform/load/verify.
    • NoSQL (i.e. Marklogic) skills are a plus.

    Major problems and challenges.
    • This position will face issues associated with:
    • Introduction and implementation of structured risk-based testing.
    • Introduction of testing within iterative and incremental process.
    • Implementation of automation scripts meeting the following criteria:
    - stability;
    - cross-platform and cross-browser;
    - performance of test script runs;
    - easily maintainable.
    • Configuration and maintenance of automation testing environment:
    - environment availability;
    - multiple environments support.
    • Getting properly developed functional requirements.
    • Getting sufficient number and quality of testing environments.
    • Getting properly scheduled timeframe for execution of test.
    • Challenges with regards to:
    - staffing;
    - timelines;
    - criticality of issues;
    - pressure from business and project management in favor of time-to-market at the expense of test coverage and quality of testing.

    Types of decisions made with complete authority.
    • Support and improvement of Wiley Automation Testing Framework.
    • Defining and assigning testing tasks and activities for his/her team Project planning for SQA Testing involvement.
    • Creation of different types of test cases.
    • Deepness of regression testing during different phases of life cycle.
    • Acceptance of functional requirements.
    • Creation of different types of automation test scripts.
    • Execution of automation test scripts.

    Types of decisions made with others and/or for which approval is required.
    • Go/No Go decision.
    • Project scope changes.
    • Project timeline changes.
    • Hire.
    • Hardware.

    Corporate benefits.
    • Opportunities for professional and career growth.
    • Compliance with Russian labor Law.
    • Corporate medical insurance.
    • Sports activities and corporate events.
    • Technical and business related trainings.
    • Friendly atmosphere.
    • English classes.
    • Salary will be discussed individually with the successful candidate.

    Office location: Moscow region, Korolev.

    Отвечу на все вопросы: itincorp@gmail.com , +7 (916) 0722958, Skype: valeriya390
    Крылова Валерия, рекрутер компании Wiley

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