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Striving for excellence is in our DNA. Since 1993, we have been helping the world’s leading companies imagine, design, engineer, and deliver software and digital experiences that change the world. We are more than just specialists, we are experts.

Currently we are looking for a talented professional who will join EPAM as a Linux kernel/drivers Developer or a XEN platform Developer.

Driven by automotive industry challenging trends in diverse mobility, driving assistance, safety, and connectivity, EPAM takes part in the variety of initiatives to develop the next generation in-vehicle ecosystems. Having joined us, you will get the exciting opportunity to bring “open source” spirit into the conservative world of automobile manufacturers keeping the conformity to the solid industry standards in safety and reliability.

EPAM offers you to dive into the deep internals of modern in-vehicle control systems from bare-metal system-on-chip to the art-class graphics for digital instrumental cluster and infotainment.

We also offer you to get advantage of the “open source” approach inside one of our teams: share your knowledge while learning from others.

Project technologies and tools:
- XEN Hypervisor on top on ARM® multicore SoC with hardware assisted virtualization;
- Utilization of the latest M/R/A ARM® architectures;
- High performance para-virtualization based on the dedicated stack of drivers;
- Industry proved functional safety instruments and techniques;
- Linux, Real-time operating systems, and Android® running in parallel;
- Car Head Unit and Instrumental Cluster applications with rich UI;
- Shared GPU-accelerated graphics.

- If you join us as a Linux kernel/driver developer, you will:
- Develop front-end/back-end split drivers for XEN on ARM;
- Develop drivers for devices pass-through for XEN on ARM.
- In case you would like to be a XEN platform developer, your responsibilities will be as follows:
- Configure/roll-out platform infrastructure on ARM boards with XEN;
- Configure/roll-out XEN domains in para-virtualized mode;
- Disaggregate/manage device trees/drivers;
- Configure front/back-end split drivers and devices pass-through.

- For a Linux kernel/driver developer:
- Experience in Linux kernel/drivers development;
- C/C++;
- Knowledge of virtualization techniques and tools;
- Knowledge of ARM architectures;
- General knowledge of embedded Linux techniques and tools;
- English of Intermediate and higher level.
- For a XEN platform developer:
- Experience in embedded Linux deployment on ARM-based platforms;
- Strong knowledge of Linux kernel and drivers;
- General knowledge of virtualization techniques and tools;
- C/C++;
- English of Intermediate and higher level.

We offer:
- Experience exchange with colleagues all around the world;
- Competitive compensation depending on experience and skills;
- Regular assessments and salary reviews;
- Social package - medical care, sports, family care;
- Free English classes;
- Opportunities for self-realization;
- Friendly team and enjoyable working environment;
- Flexible working schedule;
- Corporate and social events.

Contact: Елена Карпицкая
+375 44 747 80 09 Skype Alena.Karpitskaya

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