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Max Payne Fan

Start the game with maxpayne2.exe -developer, then press ~ to open the
Give one of the following commands:
clear - Clear console screen
clr - Clear console screen
coder - God mode, all weapons, health, inifinite ammo
god - God Mode
mortal - disable god mode
getallweapons - Get all weapons
quit - quit game
showfps - Show fps rate
showextendedfps - Show extended fps rate
getberetta - Get beretta with 1000 ammo
getbullettime - Put player into bullettime
getcoltcommando - Get coltcommando with 1000 ammo
getdeserteagle - Get Desert Eagle with 1000 ammo
getdragunov - Get Dragunov with 1000 ammo
getgraphicsnovelpart1 - Fill in part of the story line
getgraphicsnovelpart2 - Fill in part of the story line
getgraphicsnovelpart3 - Fill in part of the story line
gethealth - Get 1000 health
getingram - Get Ingram with 1000 ammo
getkalashnikov - Get Kalashnikov with 1000 ammo
getmolotov - Get Molotov cocktail with 1000 ammo
getmp5 - Get MP5 with 1000 ammo
getpainkillers - Get 1000 painkillers
getpumpshotgun - Get pumpshotgun with 1000 ammo
getsawedshotgun - Get sawed-off shotgun with 1000 ammo
getsniper - Get sniper gun with 1000 ammo
getstriker - Get striker gun with 1000 ammo
jump10 - Jump 10 high
jump20 - Jump 20 high
jump30 - Jump 30 high
showhud - Turn on HUD
help - Much more debug commands
ля доступа к консоли игры запустите игру с параметром "-developer". Во время
игры вызывайте консоль клавишей [~].
Например: C:\maxpayne2\maxpayne2.exe -developer

В консоли вводите коды:

coder - Режим бога, все оружие
god - Режим бога
mortal - Режим бога, выкл.
getallweapons - Все оружие
showfps - Показать FPS
showextendedfps - Показать внешние FPS
getberetta - Беретта с 1000 патронами
getbullettime - Переместить игрока в Bullettime
getcoltcommando - Кольт с 1000 патронами
getdeserteagle - Desert Eagle с 1000 патронами
getdragunov - Dragunov с 1000 патронами
getgraphicsnovelpart1 - Fill in Story Line
getgraphicsnovelpart2 - Fill in Story Line
getgraphicsnovelpart3 - Fill in Story Line
gethealth - 1000 здоровья
getingram - Ingram с 1000 патронами
getkalashnikov - Kalashnikov с 1000 патронами
getmolotov - Molotov с 1000 зарядами
getmp5 - MP5 с 1000 патронами
getpainkillers - 1000 лекарства
getpumpshotgun - Pump Shotgun с 1000 патронами
getsawedshotgun - Sawed-Off Shotgun с 1000 патронами
getsniper - Sniper Rifle с 1000 патронами
getstriker - Striker с 1000 патронами
jump10 - Прыжок на 10 выше
jump20 - Прыжок на 20 выше
jump30 - Прыжок на 30 выше
help - Показать больше команд

Max Payne Fan

Вот ещё солюшн тока на инглише. Игра супер.
Max Payne 2 - Walkthrough by Quadrillion (Lars CP

Part I: The Darkness Inside

Go through the door, go right and through the white door on the left. Go 
through the double door to the left. Go through the double door across the 
corridor, right of the exit doubledoor. Go close to the body and you get a 
gun. Shoot the guy after the cutscene and follow through where that guy came 
in. Go through the door on your left side. Turn right and follow to the 
elevators. Go into the elevator and use the panel on the right from the 
inside. Leave through the side and the second elevator's open doors. Go 
through the door ahead and that's it.

Chapter one: Elevator Doors 
You stand beside your car, turn right and follow the wall, there's a gap in 
the fence you can go through. Follow that path, around the corner to the left 
and enter the house through the door to your left. Go to the left, then 
straight until you get to the cubicle. Enter and turn off the tv. Go around 
the boxes to the left until you hit a door there (and a cutscene comes). 
Now follow that guy. He opens a door. Walk in, towards the red smears on the 
floor. After the cutscene the guy wants to shoot you, turn around, kill him, 
and from the direction of the smears will come another guy. Take him out, then 
go to the smears. Go to the left back corner, and then turn left, go straight 
to that rollup door. Go through that small room, to the left are 2 guys 
talking that shoot at you when they see you. Go to the left around the shelves 
to the door that is on the same wall as the opening you came in. Go through 
the door, and then the door on the left. Walk up the stairs, on top stand 2 
guys. Go through this door now. Go through this door and the one on the right 
hand on the other wall. Turn left in that room and go to the phone on the 
desk, use it. Listen carefully then go through the door on your right. Here, 
take the door to your right, the other is locked. Cross the room, next to the 
windows is a door. Go in. After the cutscene, kill the two guys, collect the 
shotgun and the ingram from them. When you leave the room, there's one enemy 
in the middle of the room, the next comes in the door when you reach it. Take 
them out. 
Leave the room, and turn right, go through the now open and unlocked door. On 
the right far side are three guys. The one on the very left has a shotgun, 
kill him first, then take out the other two. Leave the room through the door 
back on the left. Walk over to the other side of that part and see the 
cutscene with Mona Sax. Go to the elevator to your left, let it come down, 
enter, then use the panel on the left side to ride with it. Leave the 
elevator, turn right and enter that room. This is where you entered the 
building first, turn right to the hall, where that guy led you through the 
first time. You will see a guy with a shotgun. Shoot at him, run towards him, 
and let the forklift crash, kill the driver. Now to your right are 4 enemies, 
take em out. Go around the shelves, to the door that is in the same wall as 
you just came in. There's a ashooter on the far side. Best is when you stay 
away, as he will blow up some tanks and a shelf will fall down. Once that 
happens, enter that room and go to the other corner of it, leave through the 
door there and watch the cutscene.

Chapter two: A Criminal Mastermind 
Turn left, go up the stairs (to the right here is some ammo). There are 3 guys 
up on the next level, take em out, follow to the right and enter the office. 
Go to the desk and use the phone. In the left stand are 2 painkillers. Leave 
the office to the left and go up one more floor, in the middle is a guy 
shooting at you. Through the door, watch the fight, then listen to Mike. Go up 
the stairs, follow to the right and take the open door. Kill the guy to the 
right first--he has a shotgun--then kill the other 2. Follow the room to the 
back. There's a stairway around the corner, go up and go through the door on 
the left, behind it are two guys, and there's one on the left behind the top 
of the tall pyramid-shaped structure. Follow the gangway and take the stairway 
going down. There are two more guys there. Mike will help you, so just let him 
take care of it. Go left and through the door. There are 2 guys, one left, one 
right (behind the door). Kill em and follow down. There are 2 guys below, one 
on the floor, the other on the stairs. When you reach the last door before the 
door to the ground level, there's a guy coming out there, kill him. Go into 
the door and through the next 3 doors, to the next big fight. Here you have 3 
shooters, one in the far left back with an ingram, one with a handgun a bit 
closer and one right back with a shotgun. Kill them and restock at the shelf 
behind the guy with the ingram. Save and prepare for a battle, then leave 
through the door on the right side (from the perspective of where you come 
Here are 4 guys, one on the left on the same level you are now on, and two 
downstairs. Kill the one on your level first then the others. Go down and to 
the left (from the entrance) and save before you reach the door. Here are a 
big load of people. You have 3 problems first, one directly in fron, one left, 
and one right behind some crates. First, kill the one directly in front of 
you, because of his ingram,then the one on the right, and finally the third 
one. Go to the left side, kill whoever you see, then again to the right. Stay 
near the grate-type door under the balcony, and when the guys jump down onto 
the boxes in front of you, you can kill them. Eventually they will start 
shooting at you from the opposite balcony, so then just storm into the middle 
and kill whoever you see. 
After the cutscene, in the left back corner, a door opens and 3 guys come out. 
Kill them quickly or they will kill you first. Go through that door and down 
the small ramp at the end to the right. A cutscene ends this part.

Chapter three: The Depths of My Brain 
>From the tv, go to the left through the door, ahead is the front door of your 
apartment and a note is slipped under it as you watch. Go through the door. 
Turn left, and walk straight until you see a lot of boxes stacked on the 
right. Run through them, follow the corridor. There will be a turn to the 
left(where there is no other way to turn), and then as you continue walking 
down the hall, there will be another hall joining from your left. Ignore this 
joining hall, and continue straight to the stairway and go down them. Through 
the door, you are in a morgue. Go to the right to the not fully closed door. 
Turn around after the cutscene and go to the phone, it's in the back left 
corner from where you came in. Pick up the phone. Then there is a cutscene 
where you are standing in front of some cops. Run towards them. Next is 
another cutscene, where you are sitting in a chair in a police station. Get 
up, and shoot the two cops. Thats it.

Chapter Four: No 'Us' in This 
Jump past the window, to avoid the sniper, and go through the rooms on the 
right side, again where you can avoid the sniper, to your door and leave. Turn 
left and follow the corridor. As you see Mona disappear, turn left, go to the 
end and there you will see on the left an open window. Across from this 
window, on the RIGHT side is a lady with a shotgun. Go through the window onto 
the ledge. Walk to the right along the ledge, and then to the opposite end of 
the ledge. Jump across to the ledge on the left from the open window. Walk to 
the end of this ledge, away from the open window, and jump back to the right 
side, onto the new ledge, farthest from the open window. Either wait and kill 
the guys in the van that comes and THEN go through the window on the right, or 
quickly go through the window before they get a chance to kill you. Take the 
door to your left, go out the window and then through the next window on the 
right. Follow the corridor and you will find 2 enemies on the right and one 
behind the corner on the left. Go around that corner to where the lady in the 
red nightgown is. Go through the door on the left. Go through the door 
directly in front of you and then through the right door. Next go through the 
window to the left. Jump from the ledge to the scaffold, and follow it 
upstairs. When you come to the window where the sniper was, go in. You can 
listen to the tape if you want to, or just go through the door directly in 
front of you and then straight again. Turn right and follow that corridor. 
After the pop machine, turn right and go through the door on your left. There 
is one shooter on the right and two on your left, kill them and go up the 
stairs. In the middle you run into two more guys. A grenade will do the trick 
here. Go up further to the 7th floor. You can't get through here, so go to the 
left through the bar and use the elevator. When you come down, step out of the 
elevator and turn left, where you will find one enemy to the left, around the 
corner and two on the right side. Go right then instantly left (overhead, you 
will see a red sign saying "basement"). Go down and follow the corridor until 
you meet the janitor wearing orange. Go up the stairs, when you come out of 
the basement door, there are two guys in the corridor you can take out before 
they see you. Now go to the elevator and use the code on the door as you 
Behind the door, to the right, is a corridor. Three guys that want to kill you 
come out from behind boxes . They leave a door open, go in. Directly forward 
is nothing, but to the left is a bathroom with painkillers. Here, go right 
after you pick up what you want. In this room go through the left door and 
kill the guy there. Jump through the window onto the ledge. Follow it, jumping 
over the small gap in the middle, until you reach the edge. Here you have to 
jump down to the ledge in front of you. As soon as you land, turn around, put 
in bullettime and look DOWN to the building. There's an open window (you 
jumped through there on your first ledge adventure) from which a guy shoots at 
you. Kill him. Follow the ledge on now to the gap. Let Max fall down through 
that gap so you land on the ledge below. Turn around to see the window you 
have to jump through. Once through the window, inside the room, go left, then 
right to the door and see the cutscene.

Chapter Five: A Sign of Her Passage 
Well, here we are again, outside Max's apartment. Turn left and go straight 
down the corridor, through the door Mona went through, (the door at the end of 
the corridor). Behind that door it's a bit tricky. When you come in you will 
see two guys, one on left, and one on the stairway leading up. A third guy 
will come from the downleading stairs on the left. Kill them all and go 
downstairs. Next floor has the sign of Mona's passage. Go one level down and 
run from the side against thae wooden beam that blocks the door, so it falls 
away and the bum from the lobby comes to your help. Go down deeper, until you 
reach the lobby. Go though the doubledoor you see there to your right and a 
girl will join your forces. Turn around and go straight, a door to the left 
(in the back) will open and three guys will come out. Be aware that the two 
ppl will help you now, so don't get caught in crossfire. Go through the door 
on your left. Follow the corridor and you get to the gas valve. Use it to turn 
it off, then go back up, in the corridor await 3 more guys. Follow the 
corridor to the stairs and go up again one flight (a sign with A3 tells you 
you're on the right floor). Go straight here. At the end turn left (ex. A303) 
and go in. Go straight into the room where you see windows. Here go through 
the left window (there's a ledge) and follow the ledge. Before you reach the 
first corner, there will be guys shooting up from the ground. They come out of 
that opening in the middle of the building to your left when you look down. A 
grenade can be wonderously helpful. When you are over the opening in the 
building, 3 more guys come out from it. Take em out. On the end of the ledge 
is a scaffold. Jump on it, then go up. On top, look to the left side of the 
house, there's another ledge, that will allow you to jump to the other 
scaffold further back. Do it, but now pay attention. When you jump on it, it 
will fall down on one side, creating a ramp; slide down. There are 3 
plattforms, use them, to jump from one to the other before the one you are on 
falls completely away. On the ground, a van shows up with 6 guys that shoot at 
you. Dual Ingram and full bullettime should solve that.

Chapter Six: A Linear Sequence of Scares 
Follow the corridor. It's pretty linear, and you will eventually end up in a 
place where there's some sort of elevator cage. Step into it and it will take 
you down to the next area. Again here, follow the corridors until you end up 
in another cage and go back up. Walk through here until you find the phone 
booth, step inside. Use it and go on. To your left you will find a door that 
is leaning backwards. Go through this door and you will find yourself behind 
all the amusement park stuff. Go left. Ignore the door on the right, it's just 
a deadend room, and keep walking up the stairs. At the top, turn around and 
try the door there, it's closed, so go straight there forward, deeper into it. 
At the end is a door, leave the building through it, then jump to the right 
onto the roof and through the open window. Snoop around and follow the noise 
of the shower to find the bathroom, it's on the other side of the "apartment". 
Step through the bathroom door and see the cutscene.

Chapter Seven: The Million Dollar Question 
Leave the elevator, go straight and before you see the deadend, to the left. 
There will be two cleaners to your right. Take them out, and then turn back. 
Take the door that's on the opposite side of the elevator you came up in. 
Inside to the right are two guys. Take them out. You can now go forward right 
to the balcony, or you can go through the doors to the right of you to 
explore, finding some painkillers and a body. You have to go to the balcony in 
the end. Once there, turn left and jump through the fence to the other 
balcony. Use the door to your left (you might have to look for the door there, 
since it's not exactly clear) to enter. Go straight, then take the stairs on 
your left. Around the corner at the top, is a guy, kill him. Now it gets 
tricky. To the right are three guys, and one comes out of a room. All of them 
stand in front of you. So, kill them and use the door on the left. Now there 
will be a cutscene. 
When you come out, before you go down the stairs again, turn right, head 
straight and a cleaner starts shooting while opening the door. Behind him 
there are two more guys, and when you go in that direction after killing them, 
around the corner to the right are more. Go in the apartment you find there. 
Go downstairs. To the left is a piano, and two guys are busy playing it. Kill 
them and the third guy that is behind them. Go onto the balcony. Go to the 
left back corner and jump on a bench and turn around (facing the apartment 
again) and look down and to the right. You see another balcony below with two 
guys on it. Shoot them. You have to jump onto the overhang (the thing attached 
to the building that provides shade when people walk under them) and then onto 
the balcony. Enter the door there. There are four guys in this room. First, 
kill the two guys are on the far left, then walk forward along the left wall 
and look out for the guy waiting for you on the right at the end of the 
dividing wall. Around the corner, behind the wall is another guy. Kill them 
quickly, they are pretty well armed. Ahead is the door to the lobby. Go 
through this door and straight until you will see three guys on your right and 
ahead of you kill a man. You kill them from where you stand and go left down 
the corridor beside you (second door to the left from where you came in). Go 
down the stairs and through the door to your right. Head straight and then 
turn right to find a cleaner. Kill him and enter the appartment that is behind 
him. Go to the windows. One is open and has two guys on a window washer lift. 
Kill them and go down the lift till you come to the scaffolds. Turn right and 
jump down the first opening. Turn around and jump down the next one, close to 
the building or you will die. Walk down the ramp going down. Down there you 
should be at the right side, looking away from the building. There is an open 
window, with a guy waiting inside. You can easily kill him with a grenade. Go 
in after killing him. Leave the apartment through the dark door. Outside, to 
the left, behind the box is one cleaner. Another guy is in front behind a 
pillar and another to the left, behind the plants. Take them out. Go to the 
left, there are 2 more guys. Now comes a neat little fight. There are at least 
6 guys. Once you have killed them, use the elevators.

Part II: A Binary Choice

After the cutscene go to your desk. It's in the right hand far corner. Use 
your computer and the next cutscene comes in. Now go to the interrogation 
room, just turn left and go straight through the door, and wait there until 
the door opens. After Winterson is done talking, go in through the door that 
opens and talk to the guy you find there. Go back through the door to the 
office. See the cutscene, then turn right and go past the boss' office through 
the big door on the left, down the stairs. You can listen first to some of the 
police guys if you want, some quite weird stuff is happening here. Follow the 
corridors, buzz at the doors and just go straight until you hit the next 
cutscene. Go back to the guards you passed before and use their phone. Now it 
gets messy. Go to the locker and take the guns. Now open the door to your 
right and kill the three guys behind it. Go back to the cell Mona was in and 
go forward to the green door. Behind it, you find 2 guys that shoot at you 
plus one is behind the van. Kill them, and a van will drive in. There are 5 
guys in there you can shoot easily when they open the side door. Go up, in the 
direction the rear of the van points.

Chapter one: The Things that I Want 
Step instantly to the right with bullettime on and kill the two guys you see. 
Turn around and follow the corridor. On the left there's a staircase and two 
guys standing at the top, you can try to kill them from where you are or run 
up and do it. A good way to get rid of some enemies is to go in the first door 
you come to on the stairway and use the switch. Then go up to the top and 
through the door. Aim down and kill the two guys below you. Now there's one 
more around the corner to your right, and two coming out of the "mouth" on the 
floor. Follow the catwalk. Go through the door and use the switch, killing off 
some guys below. If you the two in the elevator cage with the giant injector, 
kill them with your guns. In the back left part of the room you're in is a 
door, it opens and a guy comes in. Kill him and go through the door. Be 
careful, theres a guy throwing grenades sometimes. Turn right and run in 
bullettime into the enemies, about five on the same floor as you, and three 
below you. One of the three comes up the stairs. The other two are to your 
left between the walls when you walk down the stairs. On the ground level turn 
right and walk between the walls, until you go through the door. 
After the cutscene, shoot the three enemies that aren't shot by Mona and go 
into the opening garage in the corner, where two more cleaners await you. 
Follow the corridor, up the stairs. The room after the one where you come up 
has another cleaner in it. You can see now another part of the "street" 
scenario. Here are four more cleaners. Kill them then go into the left garage 
on your left side, there's an opening in the wall, go in. Around the corner 
are more cleaners. Mona takes care of a few, but you have to rush through 
there and kill a few yourself. When you get to the green door at the right 
wall, be careful, a guy storms out with a pumpgun, that's instant death if you 
are a bit low on health. Go through the door, and walk towards the exit, and 
you're done.

Chapter two: In the Middle of Something 
Go to the right, up the stairs, and then to the left. Behind the glass doors 
you see is a set of stairs. On those stairs are the two guys from the cutscene 
Kill them through the glass door. Go up the stairs. There turn to the left 
through the double doors. You're in the lobby. In front on the left is the 
escalators. Go up and kill the two guys that come in on your left. Go through 
the door behind them. Head into the corner on the left side, shoot the red 
boxes and the elevator opens up. Jump in and down into the elevator. Leave the 
elevator and turn right, through the glass door. Turn again right and go 
through the door and you are outside. Outside are give enemies. One is on the 
roof to your right. Two are behind the small building to your left, and two 
are further to the right, around the corner of the building on your right. 
Kill the guy on top, run left and kill the last four. Turn right and go 
straight, where the two guys were guarding the other door (right from where 
you came in) and go through there. To your right is the lobby where you were 
before, go straight past that. Turn left and use the door on the other side of 
the room. Here there are two guys to your left and further back are two more. 
Kill them and go to the right corridor and kill the enemies there (about 
three). When you reach the end of this corridor, turn left (your only option) 
and go down the hall until you reach the door. Go through the door and turn 
left. You will see a small door. Go through it and up the stairs into the room 
on the next floor. Turn right and go into the next stairwell and up to the 
next floor. At the end of the stairs there's one enemy to your right. Kill him 
and jump across the gap through the doorframe where the enemy was standing. 
Head left and follow the corridor. You will meet three guys in that corridor 
you have to kill. Go through the door on your right, through the room and turn 
left. Behind the movable cubicle-style wall is an enemy and right around the 
corner are three more. After the shootout, head straight through the single 
white door in front of you (straight after going around the corner). Turn to 
the right and go through the hole in the wall. Now to the right is a door. Go 
through it. Here comes a massive shootout. Two to the left, two in a small 
corridor to your right and one guy straight ahead. More come in as you shoot 
at others, so it gets pretty messy. After that, jump from the door over the 
hole to your left, go though the door frame and through the glass door to your 
left. Watch the cutscene. Pack up what you can get here. There are plenty of 
weapons and some painkillers. Looking from where you entered the room, there 
is a door on the left that leads upstairs. Go through it, and up the stairs to 
collect the sniper rifle on the far right side of the room you enter. Then go 
through the double door on the left. To the left and below you are three guys 
that shoot up at you; take them out. Jump to the other catwalk and go through 
the door. Go into the elevator to your right and make sure you don't fall down 
the hole. Jump on to the crates so you reach the roof of the elevtor and go 
through the open elevator door you see there. Turn left and go through the 
door. On the other side, there are three black-masked guys that come at you. 
Kill them and don't get too close to them, stay at the straight part of the 
catwalk in front of the door where you came in and see the rest of the catwalk 
break down. Jump to the left onto that triangle platform. Walk to the other 
side of the platform and jump onto the portion of the catwalk that remains in 
front of the OTHER door. Walk through the door and turn right. Use the door in 
the left wall to go uupstairs. You see the cleaners' uniforms on the floor. Go 
around the moveable walls and through the door in the same wall you came in to 
go one more level up. Before you go around the corner on the stairs, look 
around it with the mouse, there's a guy standing right at the end of the 
stairs by the door. Take him out and go through the door. Turn left and go 
through the double doors. When you near the other door in this room, there 
will be enemies that come out from there and shoot at you. When you go through 
the door, there are four shooters, all behind tables and other obstacles. Also 
there's an explosive crate to your right when you come in, so be careful, you 
can kill yourself easily this way. After taking the guys out, go through the 
door on the other side, turn left and go through the door you see there.

Chapter Three: Blowing Up 
Turn to the left and go through the passage. Go right, then left. Follow the 
corridor until the floor breaks away, go in the door to your right. Ignore the 
guy there, waiting until the wall to your left has exploded and then go 
through the hole in it. Shoot the two crates on the table in the left far 
corner, the wall will blow up and you can go through. Jump along the ledges 
and beams, until you reach the door you see open to your left. Follow the 
corridor until you get to a gap in it, fall down, turn around, and follow the 
corridor you are now in. Fall down the next gap to the lower level. Turn right 
and shoot the two guys standing there, one of which is behind a pillar. Go 
through the white door. Go straight, turn right, and kill the guy standing 
there with an ingram. Wait until something like a big chunk of concrete falls 
down on the table, then you can jump up on it and over the table to go 
straight. Turn right then left again. Go through the door and shoot the three 
guys there. There's a hole in the floor to your right. One guy you have to 
take out stands down there. Once you've done this, let yourself fall down into 
the hole. Instantly you get attacked by three more guys, fanned out pretty 
well to your right. Kill them and look for another hole you have to fall down. 
There are no enemies in here. Leave through the double doors. Turn right and 
follow the corridor. There's a wall of fire in front of you. Dodge to the left 
through the hole in the wall. Run straight through the middle of the room and 
you will see the cutscene.

Chapter four: Routing Her Synapses 
You are Mona now, cool. Aim with your rifle up to the guy standing there. Kill 
him and run straight to the middle of this room and to the left. There's a 
passage and stairs going up. Above is a guy shooting, so get him (close-range 
weapons will do here now). Go through the first door you can use. When you get 
closer to the "open" part, there's a guy one level up shooting at you. Pass 
the platform and go one level up here. You might encounter the guy from before 
if you didn't kill him then. When you step out on the small platform after 
being a level up, you see a guy on the other side you can take out, this helps 
when you are further up. Go up and you will run into three more enemies. Take 
them out and go up further. When you step on the platform on top, there's a 
guy with an ingram shooting at you. Kill him and go to the yellow elevator and 
use it. Get onto the platform and go right--you can only use the right door. 
There are three more shooters in front of you. Run with bullettime at them and 
towards the passage on your right. There is another guy in this passage. Take 
all of them out and go through the passage. In the back right part of the room 
here is a ramp construction. Get onto it and turn left to find more enemies. 
There are in six guys altogether. One is shooting through the grate above you 
when you come. Another is in the far back corner and the other four are in the 
far back on the second level. So make haste here. Go in the far back part, 
paying attention you don't fall down, and then go up the stairs from the 
second level to third. Go through the hole in the wall to your right and 
around the wooden wall. 
Now there's a major shootout. First there are three guys. One comes at you 
from the left, one from the right, and one around the corner to the left. Then 
come in three more guys in black from where you entered, three more from the 
far left corner and then a last wave of guys in black. It's pretty tough so be 
prepared. Once it's all over, go to the other side of the room and through the 
door there. Walk around the plastic wall to the other side with the door. 
Listen to Max, then walk through the door. Kill the three guys to your left, 
walk forward and turn right to see the other three enemies. They hide a bit 
though, so dont expect to see them right away. Go through the wall part over 
the metal bridge to the other side of this room. There's an unfinished part to 
your right where you can jump down to finish this chapter.

Chapter five: Out of the Window 
Restock in this room, there's some ammo laying around. Pay attention because 
you will soon get company. The best thing to do is to leave the room and wait 
at the door until the guys jump down, then kill them. Go to the right side, 
where you will see outside and a guy to the left shooting at you. It's best to 
ignore him now and listen to Max. Then go inside further to the back left to a 
door where you will see an enemy coming in. Kill him, save, and go through the 
door behind which is another guy on the floor and three above you on the 
construction. Kill them and then go through the door on the other side of the 
room. Follow the rooms to the last door, and then you get a cutscne where you 
see Max fall. 
Turn right and shoot the guy that comes through the door. Walk through the 
door and continue through the area until you can't go further and shoot the 
guys that come from the building and want to kill Max. The sniper rifle works 
well here. When Max runs back, give him cover. Shoot them as fast as you can. 
At one point Max can't get one pair of guys, so you have to backtrack to help 
him. Remember where you could look down on the yard before? That's where you 
need to go (about the beginning of the level). Shortly before you get to the 
the position where you will cover Max from above, in the same room though, 
there are two enemies. You will find them after you get though the door on the 
right side, behind the wall, which is across from the opening to your left. 
Next, the guys you have to kill to cover Max are in the corner of the 
building, behind it slightly, so its not too hard to hit them. Max will get 
pinned down, and you need to do more running. Go to where you started in the 
level. There are two guys shooting at you. Kill them and go through the door 
behind them which will open now. Inside on the left are three enemies. Go 
through the door on the left, and you will meet another two enemies. Before 
you step out on the scaffold, there's one guy shooting from the above right 
when you come out, so get him or he will kill you right away. Go up the 
scaffold and into the building again. Go through the rooms to the hole you see 
there and jump down to get the cutscene.

Chapter six: The Genius of the Hole 
Kill the guy directly in front. Get the sniper rifle and kill the guys below 
you and to the left (Max is to your right). Give him cover until you say 
you're going through the building to get into another position. Run back in 
and to the right. Stay at the very back of the wall, and you will soon see two 
guys standing there waiting for you around the corner to the right. There's a 
door with two more enemies behind it. They might come through, but either way 
you have to go through that door. Once through, turn right. Walk to the door 
you see and pass through. Go straight to the holes in the right wall that lead 
you to the scaffold. Stand on the scaffold platform that sticks out the most 
and aim down to the right. Kill the guy there and wait for the other four that 
will come out very soon. Wait here until Max disappears then go back a bit. 
Turn around again and you will see more commandos above you. Kill them. Use 
the stairs coming down, to go up and into the building again. Stay on the 
right until you see a door where a guard comes out. Go in, turn left and kill 
the guard that wants to come up. Jump down there and turn around quickly to 
kill the guy that will try to shoot you in the back. Go in the open doorframe 
where the shooter was standing. Turn left and go over the bridge, and kill the 
guy that attacks you there. When you enter the room on the other side, there 
are two guys going to the left that want to kill you and two around the corner 
to the right (behind the pillar). Get them. Go to the right side, around the 
corner. Two more commandos come at you here. Walk over the scaffold and go 
down. When you get around the corner to the left, there are three more 
enemies. Kill them and then go to the yellow scaffold and down the ramp there. 
Here are two guys to your right and two on the scaffold above and to the left. 
Take all of them out and go down, best with a jump to the left, because there 
are two more enemies down below the stairs. When you reach the bottom two more 
commandos come into the building. Get the sniper rifles here and step out. On 
the scaffold above you and to the right are two guys. Kill them and then walk 
around to the left in the pit. Behind that small building are two commandos 
(on the left side), kill them then go to the red construction elevator you see 
in the left corner. Step into the cage and use the controls.

Part III: Waking Up from the American Dream

Leave the room and follow mona around the corner and follow the corridor until 
you walk into Mona showering. Now leave the cell and turn left, follow the 
corridor and go up the stairs. At the top head right to your office, where you 
see Mona and the detective aiming at each other. When they aim at you, just 
wait till it gets dark.

Chapter one: Too Stubborn to Die 
There is no gun in here, so just run through the door and then through the red 
door to the left. You're being chased. Go up the stairs to the second floor 
(first door that opens). Turn left, then again left and follow the corridor. 
Go into the second door to the left and, once in the room, through the right 
door. Here use the door on the left side, that says "recovery" and then in the 
next room use the one on the left. Hide behind the cubicle walls in the black 
area and wait. To your right when you look back at the door you came in, comes 
a security guard. Your pursuers kill him and he drops a gun. Get it, and kill 
the guys who were chasing you. Go through the door the guard came in through 
and turn right. Follow the corridor and take the first door to the left. 
Collect the stuff on the tables, then go through the door in the right wall. 
Here three enemies are waiting. Kill them and go through the door on the right 
side. Turn left, and again left at the end of the corridor. Behind the first 
door on the right are two commandos. You can follow the corridor and you run 
into two guys ahead. Before you reach them you will see a glass-enclosed 
office with another guy inside. Kill them all and use the white door at the 
end of the corridor. Right behind it, a bit covered, are two commandos. Go 
through the door on the left, and there is one more. Go through the door there 
and through the door in the next room. Leave this room through the door on the 
right (with the exit sign). Now you encounter six guys. They are all in the 
corners of the staircase, so run in bullettime down and kill them fast. At the 
bottom leave through the double door exit. To your right are four commandos. 
Kill them, but do not shoot the guy in front of you, he's a cop. When you go 
further there's a guy storming out of an office to your left. Kill them then 
walk towards the ramp.

Chapter two: On a Crash Course 
Go straight and kill the four guys there before they have a chance to react. 
Through the door in the back right, come three more enemies; kill them. In the 
middle part (from the lobby) are three guys on the floor and one up on the 
balcony. When you are up on the second level in the middle, you will get some 
company from the right side through a door. When you go through there, there 
are four more guys coming straight at you. On the far left side here (upper 
level of the lobby) is some ammo and the striker (super shotgun). Go through 
the opening in the right wall and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs is a 
guy with an ingram. Take him out and go through the wooden door at the end. 
Here is the balcony. Go to the left through the open door and kill the goons 
behind the opening, then proceed through the door at the right wall. Stock up 
and go into the back of the room, where there are two goons behind the crates. 
When you kill them, the wall where those explosives are explodes, so go back 
around the crates and shoot the guys you see there. There's one in front, one 
in the back on the gangway and one up and to the right. Go up on the gangway, 
and kill the shooter below you. Go to the other side and use the stairs there 
to go down. There is another guy that comes at you as you are going down the 
stairs. At the bottom, go to the back left corner. Go down there and turn 
right. Go to the back part, and kill the two goons. In the right wall a door 
opens now, kill the three guys fast. Go down and you run into another goon. Go 
down until you hit the door. Enter and kill the three guys ahead. There are 
explosive boxes behind them that work well for this. Collect what's there and 
go to the right, leaving this room through the brown door. Go up the stairs 
and kill the guy there. Then kill the two on the next level and the one 
waiting on the stairs to the left. Go up here again. Kill the two that are 
directly forward from the stairs, then proceed to the corridor at the back 
right. Go into the first door to the right and kill the guys to the left 
inside. Use the microphone on the desk behind the goons.

Chapter three: A Mob-War 
After the car crashes, get through the door in the back of the store. Turn 
right and go up the small stairway. See the green door to your left, don't go 
up but back away, and wait until they open it from the outside. Kill the two 
guards, then go outside. Turn left and kill the two guys that come your way 
from above. Back into the house and up the staircase. Forget this level, turn 
right and go one more flight up. Turn right towards the wall and walk through 
the cracked wall that has the canister in front of it, and go through the door 
there. Turn to the right and go through the door and kill the cleaner there. 
Go back through the hole in the wall, and use the white door on the left here. 
Go on to the balcony and look down, to hear Max talk about getting down. So 
get down and go from the balcony into the house (behind you is the entrance). 
Before you go down, go up. There are four guys that will shoot you in the back 
later if you don't get rid of them now. Now go down. Go around to where the 
stairs go down further and kill the two guys. Turn left, go into the apartment 
and kill the guy that is in the bathroom to your right. From the bathroom go 
left and through the green door (still on the same level). You see some boards 
outside that lead to the other building. Go over to them. Go through the door, 
head left into the corridor. You can go down but there's nothing of interest. 
Go up. Now your route goes through the door right when you come up the stairs, 
but you can go one level up and kill two guys gawking at the tv and find some 
striker ammo in their bathroom. Aynways, go through the door at the top of the 
stairs. Go right, turn left and kill the two guys you see. Use the boards 
outside to walk to the other building and enter through the bathroom. Go 
straight and then through the door to the left. 
After the cutscene, follow the goons. They go down to the street and outside. 
Turn left and follow them. Before the corner, there are a few to the right and 
a few to the left that attack you. Some jump over the wall at the end of the 
road, so be careful. Proceed to the left, until a guy in a white jacket runs 
towards the other guys with you. Kill them now. The other guy recognizes you. 
Go on down the street to the first green door on the side. You easily see that 
it's just a door in the wall, not to a house. Walk through until you hear the 
car, then go into a corner and wait for the commandos to come. Kill them (two 
will survive probably). Go around the van and the next chapter starts.

Chapter four: Dearest of All My Friends 
Now you get attacked by a load of people. First kill the four guys in the 
house, then go outside to find more. Now the next wave comes, one is on the 
wall and four more crawl over. You will hear a crash and about eight more cops 
come in. Kill them then follow Vinnie. He goes to the back door, and two more 
cops are in the room with the crates, but can't get trhough. Vinnie wants to 
go to the elevator, so follow him, and watch your back. Two guys will come 
through the door and two more through the window. At the elevator, there are 
even more guys. They come through the door to the right while you wait for the 
elevator to go up. Once up, there are more guys coming up the stairs (about 
two). Go into the apartment and look around. Go downstairs and kill the guys 
there (about four or five) that stand there. Go back up and Vinnie will talk 
to you (a pretty neat "collection"). Go to the balcony where you will hear 
voices. You will see a part of the balcony being ripped away. There are three 
more guys waiting down there, one by the fence, one left in the hut-type 
thing, and one on the floor lower than the others. Vinnie jumps down and a van 
with four more cleaners bursts in, but it's easy to take them out from the 
balcony. Follow Vinnie around. When he goes to the other door and starts to 
work on it, there are three guys around the van and the container to your 
right. When Vinnie gets the door open, three more enemies come over the wall 
behind the van. Go through the door with Vinnie and up the ramp. Use the 
control for the car lift there. While Vinnie gets lifted, a van full of 
cleaners crashes in. Walk down the lift over the car and shoot at the back of 
the van when the doors open, giving the four guys there no chance to shoot 
back. Go up again and use the lift if Vinnie is not up yet. Follow him down 
the hall and down the stairs into the garage. Turn around and guard the door 
you and Vinnie came in (the double door). At least four commandos are coming 
to give you a hard time.

Chapter five: A Losing Game 
You are Mona again. Go in and down the stairs to your left. Half-way down, 
jump into that open booth. Go forward and turn right. Walk up the ramp and go 
straight until the wall in front drops. Wait here and shoot at some of the 
barrels below, the red ones. Wait until they have exploded. There are quite a 
few and it takes a while. Once they're all exploded, jump down. On the left 
side there is now a hole in the wall. Jump through it. Go to the back right 
corner, and wait until the barrels explode and a big pillar falls down. You 
will see it going diagonally from lower right to your upper left. Go to the 
start of it (lower right), climb up on it, jump onto the booth to your right, 
and behind the fire on your right side jump down again. Wait for the wall to 
blow up in front of you and the cardboard figure to appear, then walk through 
there and through the wall to your right, the red room. In there go through 
the gap in the left wall. Run through that "between the walls" compartment and 
straight until you hit the wall. To your left a big barrel-type thing tries to 
kill you, so wait until it stops. Then go to the right (from the view of where 
you entered). Follow the wall closely and you will see painkillers and a fire 
alarm to the left. Use the fire alarm twice and a sprinkler will start and 
extinguish some flames. Follow through the room and go in the door to your 
left. In here use the next door to the left again. Wait until the crates fall, 
then go to the next room and use the switch on the left wall. Go back to the 
room with the fire alarm and you will see that the electricity sparks that 
were to your left are gone. Go through there and up the stairs. Follow the 
corridor around the fire. Go around the debree and up the stairs into Mona's 

Chapter six: There Are No Happy Endings 
It's not very complicated here, just walk into the interrogation room after 
the chief is on the operation table, then follow yourself. The end part is a 
bit fuzzy, but all you need to do is get to the left back corner.

Chapter seven: Love Hurts 
After falling down, shoot onto the roof, and then storm forward to kill the 
three guys in front. Mona takes out a few, but she can't get the ones on the 
roof in the lower back part. That's your job. After that, the main door in the 
middle opens, one guy comes out and another stands in the middle on the 
stairs. Kill them and go in. Try to get through the door there, and the entry 
door will close on you. Now shoot at the dynamite packs by the pillars. They 
will explode and the ceiling will fall down. You are secure when you stand 
right at the door where you came in. Don't stand in the front part or you will 
die. Now the door that was closed up the stairs will open and a guy starts to 
shoot at you. Kill him, go in and kill the guy next to the piano. Leave 
through the door on the right, and kill the two guys there on the same level 
as you. You will meet another guy when you walk to the pond on the second 
level balcony. Mona appears. On the roof is another person you have to kill. 
Now wait for the cutscene. The windows open. Kill the guy in the leftmost 
window and the one in the corridor, when you enter that window to the left. 
Use the door on the right side (next to that big double door). Go through the 
TV room and to the left. Here you meet a few enemies. Two are on the floor, 
one stands on the shelf. Another one is on the balcony. Go to the other side 
of the room, turn around and you see the door above. Some more guys come 
through there. Kill them and meet Mona again. Then leave through the door to 
the right, killing the two guys you meet there. Go straight and kill the three 
enemies that come at you. Go straight through the door. Look to the left for a 
green canister. Shoot it until it blows up and back out again. Wait until the 
explosion is over and go in again. There are two guys waiting, one to the left 
one and one on the right, and another one on the balcony, when you come in to 
the left on top. After that, there are three more guys on the other side of 
the room through the door, and one on the balcony to the right. Kill them all, 
and go to the other side of the room. Around the corner where the stairs lead 
to the left is a shooter. Upstairs four more are waiting. Go up, turn left and 
follow the corridor. Take the last door on the right. Plunder the cupboards, 
then look at the screen in the corner of the security desk. Leave the room 
through the other door. Take the door to your left and shoot the two guys that 
are camping beside the door. Then leave through the door they opened. There 
are two guys down in the garden. When you step through the door, they start 
shooting at you right away. Kill them and go down the stairs. Turn around to 
take out the guy shooting at you. Another guy comes downstairs with molotov 
cocktails after you've killed the shooter. Go up the stairs again, and through 
the door on the opposite side of where you came from to the fresh air. Inside, 
shoot the guy opposite. Now you will hear mona. Turn left and kill the 
commando there. Go through the door he came from. Go further, where you see 
mona on the other side again, then go through the door on the left. Turn 
right, and take the door at the end, straight. There are two guys on the 
balcony in front of you. Kill them and then look down. You will see one guy on 
the right and another to the left sitting down there. Go to the edge of the 
balcony and wait for another cutscene.

Chapter eight: That Old Familiar Feeling 
Go through the door, and kill the guy with the Mp5 on the left side. Take his 
gun and go left. There is a door to your left with another shooter waiting 
behind it. Kill him but follow the corridor to the right and kill the two guys 
at the end of the corridor. He sets off the bombs, so run back to where you 
started, the panic room broke down. Jump in, turn to the right and use the red 
door switch. After the explosion use it again and go out. Go around the right 
corner, through the now exploded wall and jump down to kill the guy there. Go 
through the door quickly and turn left to kill the two guys there. Turn right 
and leave the room. Go to the stairs, up and wait until the first edge 
explodes. Then jump over the gap and go to the door and through. When you 
reach the corner, two more guys attack you. Kill them, go through the door and 
up the stairs. Now here are some more guys and you reach the unbreakable glass 
wall. Wait until they fall back and the wall slides away. Then go through the 
door, jump in bullettime and kill the two goons that are waiting for you. Call 
the elevator in the left wall and step in. When you reach the top, kill the 
suit in front and the one on the left. Now stay near the right wall until you 
reach the end of the room and go through the door. Shoot up at Vlad so he 
flees. Call the wheelchair lift with the button to your left. Vlad tries to 
stop you, if he presses the button, press it again. Don't shoot at him behind 
the cupboard, since it doesnt help. Once the lift shows up, step on it, and go 
up. Vlad tries to shoot at you. Shoot back. Two more enemies come out to be 
killed. When you reach the top, Vlad is fleeing through the door upstairs. Go 
after him.

After the cutscene comes the "endboss" part. The construction he sits in is 
hanging on those brownish-looking bolts. Shoot them and they fall out pretty 
quickly. His platform lands in the middle. Now shoot the bolts you see up 
there in the middle construction. It looks like a down-pointing arrow. These 
bolts are a bit differnt they take more hits before they fall out. While you 
are busy with the bolts, he throws bombs down. Be careful, they are deadly. 
After the middle part falls down, he has to come out of his secure middle 
part. Now you can see him directly, so shoot at him. Be careful, he throws 
molotovs. The best strategy is to wait until you can see him nearly fully, 
then go in bullettime, and use something like the M18 and pump bullets into 
him, as many as you can. Aim at his chest and head. He will go down in no 
time, before you empty your full clip on him.

Congratulations, you did it! You solved Max Payne 2!


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