Не видна папка Mail Лотус Админе

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Не могу добраться до почтовых файлов чтобы изменить квоты


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В каком это смысле? Пробки на дорогах?

Во, увидел тему и понял. Ты бы внес и в тело причину.

А подробнее про версии, платформы и конфигурации. Используется ли ECL?

Вот еще

These issues have been known to occur if the mail folder has any user names within the Manage Directory Access Control List (ACL) setting. To be able to see the Mail folder again, do one of the following from the Domino Administrator:
Select the Files tab, and select the mail folder.
Right-click on the mail folder and select Manage Directory ACL.
If there is a name in the section "Who should be able to access this directory?", remove the name by selecting it and clicking on the red X.
If there are any names in this section, ONLY those names will be able to view the Mail directory.

Note: You can clear the Manage Directory ACL setting for a folder by deleting the foldername.acl file. It is created in the same directory when you enter a username in the setting. If an administrator is unable to see a /Mail folder, that administrator could go into the file system and delete the mail.acl file, then refresh (press F9).
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