News:uccdraw Flow/diagramming Component V9.60 Rele

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News:UCCDraw Flow/Diagramming Component V9.60 Released
(full Visio 12 Look! And full source codes)


March 16, 2006

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Paul Chi
UCanCode Software, Inc.
Phone: (86) 755-26737501
Fax: (86) 755-26737615

March 16, 2006, HongKong, UCanCode Software announces it's market leading flow/diagram C++ source code kit – UCCDraw Flow/Diagramming Component V9.60,now it contains full feature of Visio 12, you can build your own Visio 2003/Visio 12 like application with Visual Basic,Dephi,Visual C++,C# quickly and easily.

UCCDraw ActiveX Control is an ActiveX control that allows creation and editing of Visio-style charts from within your application. Allows you to create flow charts, vector drawings, raster images and more with the ability to include hyperlinks and various shading and coloring effects. You can group objects together, include images and text, link them together and apply custom drawing effects to create charts similar to Microsoft Visio, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDRAW, With UCCDraw Enterprise you can easily build Visio 2003 like applications.

"We are very excited about the release of UCCDraw Enterprise Edition V9.60," says Steven Chan, CEO of UCanCode Software. " After we had released the leading E-XD++ Flow/Diagram Kit v9.60, we had received many requests from Visual Basic/Dephi/C# programmer. Most of them need a same Visio Like component for their own projects, now UCCDraw released, it contains almost all the features of E-XD++! "

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Composite shape designer’s screen shot is below:

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About ucancode software, Inc.
We are UCanCode.Net Software, Inc., a software development company. We have been in business 8 years developing C++ libraries.UCanCode.Net Software develops high quality software solutions that provide software developers with the most up to date tools available today. All source code is supplied and is 100% MFC compatible and extendable. Developers can easily create authentic Microsoft Visio, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDRAW style applications within seconds. UCanCode Software can be reached at (86) 755-26737501 or by visiting their website at