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  1. moh

    moh Гость

    Hi every body . i'm developping a software that takes a series of pictures of specific areas ( Like a demonstration builder ) so it takes pictures from a Desktop , Active Window , a specific window .
    i need your help in :
    Recording the mouse mouvements and keystroks then make all these picture editable , i want my software like the Demo Builder and as a sample .

    i have downloaded the Delphi SWF SDK to be able to insert my captured images and edit them but that was not possible for me

    i really need all your help.

    Many thanks .
  2. root

    root Гость

  3. zubr

    zubr Гость

    Для: root
    Ему надо получать скриншоты с экрана (для этого достаточно BitBlt), получать положение мыши (GetCursorPos), в полученном положении отрисовывать указатель мыши на скриншоте (здесь BitBlt + регионы), а далее он хочет с помощью Delphi SWF SDK из полученных скриншотов создавать флеш-фильм.
  4. moh

    moh Гость

    many thanks root , but Demo Builder edits all its captured images within its window i mean you can add a collout for exemple .
    generally what i need is how such a software captures the images , processes them , then export into SWF or standolone Exe .

    B) ( i hope i can find a Flash Editor built with delphi all my problem will be solved ). :D

    many thanks .

    Hi zubr could you please write in english . :D
  5. zubr

    zubr Гость

    Для: moh
    1. In the timer do screenshots of the screen or a window, using BitBlt
    2. Using GetCursorPos get position of the cursor
    3. Draw in the received position the cursor on a screenshot, using BitBlt, SetWindowRgn
    4. Save a screenshot to the file *.bmp or *.jpg
    5. Create SlideShow using Delphi SWF SDK, sample: http://www.delphiflash.com/slide-show-engine-demo.php?demo=2
  6. moh

    moh Гость

    many many thanks zubr could you please give me a little exemple ( a project ) , cause i'm really confused .

    zubr should i use Delphi SWF SDK or SlideShow Engine for this project ?
    and for captured images editing like Collout ... what should i use ?
  7. zubr

    zubr Гость

    I apologize, of course, SlideShow Engine - for SWF

    For standolone EXE it is possible to create AVI, and then to lose for it.
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