перевод Ln R5 на Ln R6


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Добрый день!

тестируем перевод LN R5 на LN R6.
В логе идет ошибка

Error locating a Domino Directory entry for certifier /O=NBK: Entry not found in index


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A Domino server administrator attempts to certify or recertify Notes ID files and the following error occurs:

Error locating a Domino Directory entry for certifier /O=certifier: Entry not found in index.

1. Review the user's Person document to ensure that the user's hierarchical name is listed in the User Name field.

2. Rule out a corrupted certifier certificate by accessing the certificate of the certifier in another address book and replacing the one which is possibly corrupted.

* Ensure there is a current backup of the names.nsf on which you will work, and locate a replica of the names.nsf on another server.
* Open names.nsf to the Certificates view and delete the certificate.
* Press Shift + F9 to rebuild that view.
* Open the names.nsf on another server and copy that same certificate and paste it into the address book from which you just deleted it.
* Press Shift + F9 to rebuild that view.
* Attempt to recertify the user again.

3. If the above does not work or you have only one server, you will need to replace the public key of the certificate with the one from cert ID.

* From the Domino server Administration client, click the Configuration tab.
* Click on ID properties, browse to and select the cert ID and enter the password. An ID dialog box will appear.
* Click Your Identity, then Your Certificates.
* On the right of the dialog box, click Other Actions, select Mail, Copy Certificate (Public Key), and click Copy Certificate.
* Paste the clipboard contents to a text editor, such as Notepad.
* Open the Certificates view of the names.nsf, select the certificate, edit it, delete the public key under the Administration tab and paste the public key from the clipboard or Notepad (whichever was used). Save and close. Press Shift+ F9 to update that view.
* Attempt to recertify one user.

4. In the event that there are multiple servers involved, replicate the certificate changes to the other replicas.

5. Check to ensure that the administration client does not have the server set to Local rather than the Administration server. This results in the server being unable to find the certificate. In the "Choose a certifier" dialog box, click the Server button and select the Administration server for the user and attempt to process the recertification.