Удаленно Php, sql, javascript разработчик


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We are looking for competent and innovative developers with experience in high traffic solutions development.

The ideal candidate:

very good knowledge about relational databases (SQL, database performance, big data); good knowledge in web development using PHP; knowledge in client site web development using Javascript; basic knowledge in programming with C; basic knowledge in HTML/CSS; basic knowledge of linux server systems (Apache, Varnish, Chroot, File Permissions, MariaDB, Redis, load balancing, high availability, DNS, shell scripting);
Experience with systems of distribution of traffic or ad servers is an advantage.

Searching for experienced programmers to develop and maintain the existing solution. The main focus is on mining, processing and illustrating statistical and salary information, developing the user and backend GUIs and implementing server to server payment APIs.
The daily tasks will consist of evolving and maintaining the existing system and implementing new features.

This involves:
maintaining and developing interface for the rapidly growing database; improve the backend GUI using php (server) and javascript (client); planing and implementing server to server interfaces together with our partners; maintain and develop unit and integration tests; working with rapid release schedules;

What we offer:
• Very competitive salary package ($3k+);
• Challenging and motivating environment where ideas are listened to and promoted.

Skype - chuchelok (Please specify the position for which you are applying)