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А есть какая нить прога, которая ищет нужную строчку в дизайнере. Насколько я знаю, сам дизайнер так не умеет делать.


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LS Goto11.12.2005 08:19:33
Virtually every other sensible IDE ( and most text editors for that matter ) have a command that lets you jump to a particular line number. Sadly, this is not the case for Domino Designer.
If you need to get to a particular line number, you will probably do some variation on the following dance:
1. Open your script in Designer.
2. Scroll down a bit and click in the edit window.
3. Check the line number in the lower right corner....
4. If you are not there yet, continue clicking and scrolling in the edit window until you find the right line....

So... after an entire day of that I couldn't stand it any more! I took a night off and wrote this little utility that overrides the key sequence "CTRL+G" (which is normally not enabled while in the LS editor) and gives you this:

Now, just type in the line number you want to see to and hit OK. LSGoto then brings you directly to the line you asked for!

Revision History:

Version 1.01
+ Fixed a crash that occured when going to a blank line
+ Default line number is now the line you are currently on.
+ Now it won't scroll if there is no scroll bar. Just moves the cursor.

Verison 1.0
Initial release