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Разработка Javascript Parser для генерации Syntaxtree.

Тема в разделе "HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript", создана пользователем vvolik, 26 окт 2006.

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  1. vvolik

    vvolik Гость

    Разработка Javascript Parser для генерации Syntaxtree.

    Anyway besides
    that, what we're looking for at this point is to have a tool, similar
    to flash, developed for SVG including such a rich graphical designer,
    scripting and stuff. Of course this includes (among others) highly
    complex tasks such as:

    - Write a Javascript Parser to generate Syntaxtree to automatically find
    out the meaning of objects during typing
    - Implement debugging for both, activescript and spidermonkey sources
    - Code insight (see js parser section)

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