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Test task
For applicants to Software Configuration Engineer position

To verify applicant’s knowledge in the following areas:
• Microsoft Visual Studio
• Visual Source Safe Application
• Managing Projects with NMAKE
• Modern compound multi-platform project development facilities

To inspect applicant’s ability:
• Understanding of tasks to resolve, knowledge of the main principles of software engineering
• Competence, fluent orientation in subject area, creativity

Applicant may select one or more tasks to resolve. He is to provide technical solution, prototypes and routines/design specifications in every task wherever it is possible.

1. Assume that you are to build small compound product that includes interrelated VB and VC projects. Every executable includes some specific product version. Suggest the way to enumerate builds and provide every executable with a build number appended some way to a product version. Develop means/prototypes to implement build number/version processing using relevant means provided by MS Visual Studio on Windows NT platform.
2. The same and only Guest account is used for READ-ONLY access to Visual Source Safe database from multiple different workstations, that in turn leads to environment overflow from time to time. Suggest the way and means to resolve the trouble like this, develop routines/prototypes using relevant means provided by MS Visual Studio on Windows NT platform.
3. Implement cascading build of a small compound project that includes both VB and VC sub-projects. Generic requirements:
a. Build process must be applied at every level of recursion.
b. Build process must delegate options & definitions from upper level to lower level
c. Build process returns build reports up to the level where it was launched
d. Valid targets are: default (synonym of build), clean (remove all intermediate/derived files), build (generates executables and build report), inspect (generates build report), register (register target files if necessary), un-register (un-register target files, if possible).
Provide any kind of prototypes if possible.
4. Assume that you are to build compound project that is kept in 2 independent VSS databases: VSS1 database and VSS2 database. Retrieve time of VSS1 is 1h. Retrieve time of VSS2 is 2h. VSS1 keeps project VSS1.1 (build time is 1h), VSS1.2 (takes 3h to build), VSS1.3 (2h). VSS2 keeps the only project VSS2.1 that takes 1 hour to build. VSS2.1 depends on VSS1.1. VSS1.2 depends on VSS1.1. VSS1.3 depends on VSS1.1 VSS1.3 does not depend on VSS1.2. VSS1.2 is interrelated to VSS2.1. Suggest the most optimal way of full re-build process for both single and dual processors machine. Your solution must be provided with relevant means/guidelines for implementation.

Windows NT (SP6) Workstation, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0
Workstation Name: TEST-PROGRAMMER
User Name: test
Password: <blank>
Working folders: C:\WORK\SCMPROJECTS

All estimations depend on number and rate of tasks resolved.
The task is considered as resolved if applicant provides reasonable solution that meets the requirements defined in every task as well as solves the problem declared. Applicant must declare the means that bring to life his solution using prototypes, design specifications, routines developed if possible.
Every suggested solution is estimated taking into account technicalities of routines, prototypes, design specifications etc.

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