Senior Business Analyst (product Development)


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EPAM Systems, one of the largest Software Engineering Services Companies in European IT market, CMMI Level 5 certified, is looking for a proactive, self-motivated, and enthusiastic Senior Business Analyst (product development).


A head for figures;
Independent and self-motivated;
Keeps objectivity and evidence-based reasoning under pressure;
Outstanding written and verbal communication skills;
Good organizational skills.


Shattering dreams by “bringing people back to reality” and finding optimal solutions to the problems;
Address specific needs while keeping the big picture in mind;
Be liaison among Business Stakeholders, End Users, and Development team.

We offer:

A lot of fun and opportunity to make a world better;
Career growth and professional development opportunities;
Educational programs for business analysts;
Participation in development of the Business Analysis Competency Center;
Regular assessments and salary reviews;
Social package: medical care (free services in a number of medical centers), sports;
Flexible working schedule;
Ability to carry out your ideas and professional goals.

Project description:

Development of new generation PaaS dedicated to automation of all aspects of modern professional services organization that includes talent acquisition, performance, compensation, learning management, succession planning, vendor management, workforce planning, and analytics. Build on a unique combination of open source and proprietary technologies, it utilizes Cloud, NoSQL, BigData, BPM and Java to provide business with a scalable, flexible and agile solution to address its automation challenges. Why you might want to join?
Innovative “from scratch” enterprise PaaS design and development (scalable, modular, extensible, hot-pluggable, secured);
Fresh open-source technology stack and DevOps tools (Java/EE, IoC/CDI/blueprint, OSGi/Karaf/Felix, DataGrid/Infinispan, NoSQL/MongoDB, FTS/Elastic Search, BPM/Activiti, Linux, Chef, Vagrant, IaaS/EPAM Cloud);
Collocated squad of mature IT geeks;
Tricky architectural brain teasers and R&D tasks;
Challenging backend-centric software craftsmanship instead of lego-style monkey coding;
Yes, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty!

Contact info: Татьяна Хамицевич
+375 44 5770131 Skype lola_0804

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