Senior C# Developer - London

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Luxoft company has an opening
position of Senior C# Developer - London

The project UBS.


Developing in C#
Understanding the technology stack and how it impacts their development approach.
Agile development of feature based deliverables.
Thorough testing of features built.
Adhering to design guidelines and standards.
Ensuring builds are completed without errors.
Second line support along with the rest of the dev team


C# Language
All aspects
Common .NET APIs
Collections API, etc.
Data access via ODP.NET, ADO.NET, SQL
Exception handling, working with ResultSet and RowSet, all types of drivers
XML, AJAX, Javascript, DOM, CSS
SAX vs. DOM, DTD vs. XML Schema, XSLT
Visual Studio .NET Framework 2005 +
Windows Framework, Web Framework
OO concepts, UML
OOP benefits, encapsulation/inheritance/polymorphism, understanding of most useful UML diagrams
ASP.NET and Windows Forms
Handling, Security, Filters, Sessions, Cookies

Fluent English.
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