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    EPAM Systems is seeking a motivated, self-organized, confident, result-oriented, and proactive Senior Java Developer to contribute into one of EPAM’s products - Heroes platform.

    The mission is to get the solution we piloted for EPAM upscale to the level of product for a public offering and implement a set of innovative services like Data Science, Natural Language Processing (IE/IR) to turn crowd-sourced recognition platform into the Next Gen talent management solution for any company size. The product itself was designed with a focus on the UI/UX, therefore we challenge the team to strive for the best ideas and awesome features to be different to other products.


    - 3+ years of experience developing server-based Java applications;
    - Familiarity with REST API;
    - Knowledge of Java EE specifications (JAX-RS 1.1, CDI 1.1) and their respective implementations (Jersey 1.1, WELD 1.1), at least 1 year of developing with Hibernate;
    - Strong JavaScript skills (advanced level). Familiarity with a single-page application concept. Knowledge of JQuery, Backbone.js, Underscore.js (Lodash.js), Google Closure Templates. Ability to write modular JavaScript code using Require.js;
    - Understanding HTTP/HTTPS, AJAX protocols;
    - Knowledge of PL/SQL. Experience with MySQL 5.5+. Ability to determine problems with queries and perform query optimizations;
    - Deep understanding of Git principles, experience with it is a plus. Familiarity with branch-per-feature process.


    - Take ownership of development of features, provide necessary support and mentorship to teammates when needed;
    - Develop critical parts of Java/JavaScript code, provide guidance for the team;
    - Conduct code reviews.

    We offer:

    We offer a competitive benefits package, friendly working environment and the highly organized approach to development.

    Contact info:Надежда Задора
    +375 44 5779011 Skype nadia.zadora
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