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    13 дек 2012
    The project related to prototyping DNS security systems using various mathematical algorithms in real-time (Storm) and offline (Hadoop Map-Reduce tasks), machine learning techniques, developing wide range of tools for data conversion from/to different data sources (online sensors, historical data, SQL and NoSQL databases, indexing), rich WebUI presentation tools including real-time monitoring, graphs, charts and so on.


    Радиальная, 36


    5+ years of Java programming experience;
    Working experience in full development cycle from startup till deployment;
    2+ years of web-based UI development;
    Working experience in presentation/chart/graph/... frameworks/libraries/toolsets;
    Working experience using HTML5/Flash components, Ajax communication;
    Familiar with story board techniques and Human-Computer interaction;
    Experience with SerDes such as JSON, Avro, Protobuf, Parquet;
    Strong technical foundation in information, systems and databases;
    Good written and communication English skills;
    Knowledge of special computational techniques such as intelligent and adaptive interfaces;
    Knowledge in Hadoop architecture, HDFS, Map-Reduce Algorithms, Impala, and Spark recommended.


    Analysis, prototyping, modeling, application design;
    General Java developing in analytics and security projects;
    Prototyping User Interfaces for wide range of backend technologies;
    Leading edge knowledge of UI frameworks and techniques.

    Contact: Алла Дмитриенко
    +375 44 5779011 Skype: alla.yanioglo

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