Удаленно Senior qa manual * $1200-$1500 * иностранная компания * удаленная постоянная работа


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Иностранной компании для удаленной работы требуется

Senior QA manual

· Высокопрофессиональная команда.
· График работы гибкий, но не менее 40 часов в неделю.
· Совместительство возможно только на испытательном сроке.
· ЗП по результатам собеседования.

Job Requirements:
· Working knowledge of various web protocols, methods and approaches related to n-tier architectures.
· Good teamwork skills and ability to handle multiple concurrent priorities in a fast-paced environment.
· Positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job and the desire to make a difference.
· Excellent communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal skills.
· It is very important that the candidate be able to write sound test plans and scripts
· 3+ years hands-on QA experience testing complex products.
· A job history with defect tracking systems, source code control and test tools.
· Strong knowledge of QA process, terminology and methodology.
· Able to write and maintain test automation.
· A certain degree of creativity and latitude is required.

Responsibilities include:
· Review User Requirements, User Interface Specifications and Design Documents.
· Collaborate efficiently with cross functional team members handle and resolve defects quickly.
· Find and document defects in applications and documentation.
· Develop and execute test strategies, project test plans, test case automation, reports and online documentation.
· Perform end-to-end integration testing of underlying applications.
· Develop, publish, and implement test plans and test cases.
· Execute certification testing, report defects and release day checkout.
· Review business and functional requirements.

Desirable Qualifications:
· Energetic and highly articulate.
· Excellent writing and presentation skills.
· Ability to work individually or as a leader of a development project team.
· Be able to quickly grasp large volumes of new information.
· Enough knowledge and experience to perform not only manual black box testing, but possible grey box testing (as opposed to white).
· Enough understanding of WEB ARCHITECTURE to know how the various mechanisms and platforms talk to one another.
· Strong GUI test automation and methodology skills.

Подробности при собеседовании.
Резюме присылать на E-Mail: acs-nexus@rambler.ru