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В офис Senior release engineer (linux stack)

Тема в разделе "Предложения работы", создана пользователем SvetlanaL, 11 сен 2015.

  1. SvetlanaL

    SvetlanaL Well-Known Member

    13 дек 2012
    EPAM is looking for a highly experienced build engineer aimed to design, develop and promote continuous integration and continuous delivery practices in projects for some of the best public companies around the globe. You will be working on the Release Engineering Team, which drives to deliver superior release delivery to our customers, continually and flawlessly. EPAM is looking for a person who is ready to work as an innovator and thought leader in sizeable projects. EPAM see that continuous delivery has become a primary focus in software development and delivery, so this is your chance to grow not only mentally but also in your career and become a key person in the project.

    Bring your Release Engineering creativity, passion, and innovative experience and be ready to proactively function on a highly visible team in a fast-paced environment. Also EPAM is looking for some willingness to learn, that said EPAM gives all of our employees an opportunity to attend internal training in core technologies (Java, C#, .NET, Oracle/SQL Server, etc.) and soft skills (Agile, ITIL, Language, etc.) These training are held by world class experts from EPAM Competency Centers. So if may lack knowledge or just want to gain new insight in a particular technology or tool EPAM can help you grow mentally and help you expand your career.

    - 4+ years’ experience in CI/CD on Linux platforms;
    - 4+ years’ experience with Jenkins;
    - 2+ years’ experience with Chef;
    - Strong Linux administration skills;
    - Jenkins/TeamCity or other build system;
    - Chef/Puppet/Ansible;
    - Bash/Python/Ruby scripting language;
    - Basic Java;
    - GIT/SVN or other.

    - Improve continuous integration process to make deploys:
    - Consistently successful;
    - Fast;
    - Simpler to maintain.
    - Streamline/automate content migration from Prod to DEV/QA environments;
    - Review existing deployment process and propose improvements;
    - Rewrite existing deployment scripts/procedures;
    - Investigate in existing deployment issues and identify responsibilities for a specific team member for particular classes of problems (Infrastructure, application, etc.);
    - Stabilize the release of application builds;
    - Incorporate "sanity checks" in deploy process/scripts to insure stability;
    - Own content migration to populate test-environments with production data.

    Contact: Yuliya_Lohish@epam.com
    Follow us on
    Join the community https://www.facebook.com/epamby
    Read more here http://vk.com/epamsystems
    #1 SvetlanaL, 11 сен 2015
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