Software Engineer With Graphics Device Driver Development Experience

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    About company
    This company has been recognized as a leader in providing senior-level graphics driver development services for graphics and multimedia hardware devices since our inception in 1992. Our 2D/3D graphics driver development teams have direct experience working with nearly every leading graphics OEM that has ever been involved in the 2D/3D graphics hardware industry. Company provides solutions for proprietary and open standards.

    Professional skills and qualification:
    - BSCS or BSEE or relevant experience
    - 5+ years OpenGL and/or OpenGL ES, D3D driver development expertise
    - Prior experience developing driver and Kernel level software for OpenGL 1.x and preferably OpenGL 2.0 / 2.1
    - Strong background in 3D graphics with thorough understanding of the 3D pipeline both in hardware and software
    - Knowledge of 3D algorithm development tasks, 3D architectures, 3D functions such as texture rendering, lighting, shaders, etc
    - Thorough understanding of the OpenGL and/or OpenGL ES internals
    - Experience with embedded systems a plus
    - Fluency in coding and debugging C++
    - Knowledge of GLSL a plus

    You'll work...
    - for a company known as experts in the development of Windows XP/Vista, Windows CE, Linux , Embedded RTOSs
    - on the latest technology
    - on multiple projects throughout the year
    - on the newest industry APIs
    - directly with industry leaders like Microsoft, Intel, and Nortel to name only a few
    - with the best developers in the industry

    Please send us your CV at [at] gmail [d0t] com and please provide a link to a portfolio that shows your design work, or links that showcase your design skills and prior work experience.
    Without portfolio and links we will not take a view of your CV.
    You will be contacted as soon as possible by one of our consultants regarding your message.
    Phone mob: +38 (098) 683-55-92
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