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We’re developing application running in FaceBook, namely Bahamas which is Flash application using PHP programming for connecting to FaceBook’s APIs in order to make it available on FaceBook.

The purpose of this application is to allow user(s) to send postcard, notification to their FaceBook friends’ wall.

You can see the Demo of this application in _http://apps.facebook.com/bahamas_demo/ . It’s running well with the following features such as view and select picture, rote picture for writing greeting text to its back side, and select recipients for sending). But, it fails to send the postcard (i.e. selected picture with greeting text) to recipients (i.e. postcard is not displayed on the wall of sender’s FaceBook friends).

The possible reason, in our opinion is that Flash application is not able to get “user_id” and “session key” from Fan page of FaceBook, so that it can’t communicate with FaceBook API for fulfillment of actions such as “write to friend all” and “send notification”. (See an error message at _http://www.facebook.com/pages/vuongles-technical-page/124151720961544?v=app_124776667565105&ref=sgm#!/pages/vuongles-technical-page/124151720961544?v=app_123225871048377&ref=sgm )

Below are some of the ways we have tried to fix this issue (unfortunately, not successful yet)

1st solution.

We host a facebook application in a tab like the way we did with our previous application. (See demo in this tab: _http://www.facebook.com/pages/AGGILNT/118998594780191?v=app_112832708748556 )

But it doesn’t work this time. The previous one is purely PHP application, while this time we deal with Flash application using PHP programming for connecting to FaceBook’s APIs.

2nd solution.

We tried to use FaceBook Connect in Fanpage to connect to application hosted in a fan page tab with the hope that an Flash application can work from everywhere using face book API. But this time it doesn’t work too. The reason is, for example, Facebook Connect uses some javascript, but this javascript is deleted by Facebook Fan Page when the application running on Fanpage

3rd solution (in the progress)

All face book data are now available from the new “open graph protocol”. These data are available as xml file. We are trying to access to these data and find the way to fix the issue.


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