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  1. azat20

    azat20 Well-Known Member

    22 июл 2008
    Добрый день! Можно обнаружить, что у представления имеются свойства с определенным названием, например, $Title, $Formula. Кто-нибудь знает, какие варианты и что они означают для свойств $Flags, $Index и $Totals?
  2. oshmianski

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    Lotus team

    25 апр 2012
    про $Flags немного тут

    Добавлено: и ScanEZ умеет что-то
  3. TIA

    TIA :-)
    Lotus team

    15 май 2009
    Из хелпа Notes C API
    <div class="sp-wrap"><div class="sp-head-wrap"><div class="sp-head folded clickable">$Flags</div></div><div class="sp-body"><div class="sp-content">

    This text field, defined by the DESIGN_FLAGS symbol in stdnames.h, contains a sequence of characters that further describe the note. This field may appear in a variety of design notes, including view notes. The symbol set DESIGN_FLAG_xxx in stdnames.h defines the characters that can appear in this field. Certain characters are specific to certain types of design notes, as described in stdnames.h.

    #define DESIGN_FLAGS "$Flags"

    #define DESIGN_FLAG_ADD 'A' /* FORM: Indicates that a subform is in the add subform list */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_ANTIFOLDER 'a' /* VIEW: Indicates that a view is an antifolder view */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_INITBYDESIGNONLY 'b' /* VIEW: Indicates view can be initially built only by designer and above */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_NO_COMPOSE 'C' /* FORM: Indicates a form that is used only for */
    /* query by form (not on compose menu). */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_CALENDAR_VIEW 'c' /* VIEW: Indicates a form is a calendar style view. */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_NO_QUERY 'D' /* FORM: Indicates a form that should not be used in query by form */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_DEFAULT_DESIGN 'd' /* ALL: Indicates the default design note for it's class (used for VIEW) */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_MAIL_FILTER 'E' /* FILTER: Indicates FILTER_TYPE_MAIL is asserted */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_PUBLICANTIFOLDER 'e' /* VIEW: Indicates that a view is a public antifolder view */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_FOLDER_VIEW 'F' /* VIEW: This is a V4 folder view. */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_V4AGENT 'f' /* FILTER: This is a V4 agent */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_VIEWMAP 'G' /* VIEW: This is ViewMap/GraphicView/Navigator */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_FILE 'g' /* FORM: file design element */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_OTHER_DLG 'H' /* ALL: Indicates a form that is placed in Other... dialog */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_JAVASCRIPT_LIBRARY 'h' /* Javascript library. */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_V4PASTE_AGENT 'I' /* FILTER: This is a V4 paste agent */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_IMAGE_RESOURCE 'i' /* FORM: Note is a shared image resource */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_JAVA_AGENT 'J' /* FILTER: If its Java */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_JAVA_AGENT_WITH_SOURCE 'j' /* FILTER: If it is a java agent with java source code. */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_MOBILE_DIGEST 'K' /* to keep mobile digests out of form lists */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_CONNECTION_RESOURCE 'k' /* Data Connection Resource (DCR) for 3rd party database */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_DELETED_DOCS 'l' /* VIEW: Indicates that a view is a deleted documents view */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_QUERY_MACRO_FILTER 'M' /* FILTER: Stored FT query AND macro */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_SITEMAP 'm' /* FILTER: This is a site(m)ap. */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_NEW 'N' /* FORM: Indicates that a subform is listed when making a new form.*/
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_NOTES 'n' /* ALL: notes stamped with this flag
    will be hidden from Notes clients
    We need a separate value here
    because it is possible to be
    hidden from V4 AND to be hidden
    from Notes, and clearing one
    should not clear the other */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_QUERY_V4_OBJECT 'O' /* FILTER: Indicates V4 search bar query object - used in addition to 'Q' */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_PRIVATE_STOREDESK 'o' /* VIEW: If Private_1stUse, store the private view in desktop */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_PRESERVE 'P' /* ALL: related to data dictionary */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_PRIVATE_1STUSE 'p' /* VIEW: This is a private copy of a private on first use view. */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_QUERY_FILTER 'Q' /* FILTER: Indicates full text query ONLY, no filter macro */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_AGENT_SHOWINSEARCH 'q' /* FILTER: Search part of this agent should be shown in search bar */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_REPLACE_SPECIAL 'R' /* SPECIAL: this flag is the opposite of DESIGN_FLAG_PRESERVE, used
    only for the 'About' and 'Using' notes + the icon bitmap in the icon note */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_PROPAGATE_NOCHANGE 'r' /* DESIGN: this flag is used to propagate the prohibition of design change */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_V4BACKGROUND_MACRO 'S' /* FILTER: This is a V4 background agent */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_SCRIPTLIB 's' /* FILTER: A database global script library note */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_VIEW_CATEGORIZED 'T' /* VIEW: Indicates a view that is categorized on the categories field */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_DATABASESCRIPT 't' /* FILTER: A database script note */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_SUBFORM 'U' /* FORM: Indicates that a form is a subform.*/
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_AGENT_RUNASWEBUSER 'u' /* FILTER: Indicates agent should run as effective user on web */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_AGENT_RUNASINVOKER 'u' /* FILTER: Indicates agent should run as invoker (generalize the
    web user notion, reuse the flag */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_PRIVATE_IN_DB 'V' /* ALL: This is a private element stored in the database */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_IMAGE_WELL 'v' /* FORM: Used with 'i' to indicate the image is an image well.
    Used for images with images across, not images down.
    'v' looks like a bucket */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_WEBPAGE 'W' /* FORM: Note is a WEBPAGE */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_WEB 'w' /* ALL: notes stamped with this flag
    will be hidden from WEB clients */
    /* WARNING: A formula that build Design Collecion relies on the fact that Agent Data's
    $Flags is the only Desing Collection element whose $Flags="X" */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_V4AGENT_DATA 'X' /* FILTER: This is a V4 agent data note */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_SUBFORM_NORENDER 'x' /* SUBFORM: indicates whether
    we should render a subform in
    the parent form */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_NO_MENU 'Y' /* ALL: Indicates that folder/view/etc. should be hidden from menu. */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_SACTIONS 'y' /* Shared actions note */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_MULTILINGUAL_PRESERVE_HIDDEN 'Z' /* ALL: Used to indicate design element was hidden */
    /* before the 'Notes Global Designer' modified it. */
    /* (used with the "!" flag) */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_SERVLET 'z' /* FILTER: this is a servlet, not an agent! */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_ACCESSVIEW 'z' /* FORM: reuse obsoleted servlet flag */

    #define DESIGN_FLAG_FRAMESET '#' /* FORM: Indicates that this is a frameset note */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_MULTILINGUAL_ELEMENT '!'/* ALL: Indicates this design element supports the */
    /* 'Notes Global Designer' multilingual addin */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_JAVA_RESOURCE '@' /* FORM: Note is a shared Java resource */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_STYLESHEET_RESOURCE '=' /* Style Sheet Resource (SSR) */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_WEBSERVICE '{' /* FILTER: web service design element */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_SHARED_COL '^' /* VIEW: shared column design element */

    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_MOBILE '1' /* hide this element from mobile clients */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_PORTAL '2' /* hide from portal */

    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_V3 '3' /* ALL: notes stamped with this flag
    will be hidden from V3 client */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_V4 '4' /* ALL: notes stamped with this flag
    will be hidden from V4 client */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_V5 '5' /* FILTER: 'Q5'= hide from V4.5 search list */
    /* ALL OTHER: notes stamped with this flag
    will be hidden from V5 client */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_V6 '6' /* ALL: notes stamped with this flag
    will be hidden from V6 client */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_V7 '7' /* ALL: notes stamped with this flag
    will be hidden from V7 client */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_V8 '8' /* ALL: notes stamped with this flag
    will be hidden from V8 client */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDE_FROM_V9 '9' /* ALL: notes stamped with this flag
    will be hidden from V9 client */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_MUTILINGUAL_HIDE '0' /* ALL: notes stamped with this flag
    will be hidden from the client
    usage is for different language
    versions of the design list to be
    hidden completely */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_WEBHYBRIDDB '%' /* shimmer design docs */

    #define DESIGN_FLAG_READONLY '&' /* for files, at least for starters */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_NEEDSREFRESH '$' /* for files, at least for now */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HTMLFILE '>' /* this design element is an html file */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_JSP '<' /* this design element is a jsp */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_QUERYVIEW '<' /* VIEW - Query View in design list */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_DIRECTORY '/' /* this file element is a directory */

    #define DESIGN_FLAG_PRINTFORM '?' /* FORM - used for printing. */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDEFROMDESIGNLIST '~' /* keep this thing out of a design list */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_HIDEONLYFROMDESIGNLIST '}' /* keep this thing out of a design list but allow users to view doc using it */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_COMPOSITE_APP '|' /* FORM: This is a "composite application" design element. LI 3925.04 */
    #define DESIGN_FLAG_COMPOSITE_DEF ':' /* FORM: Design element is "wiring properties". Always accompanied by hide flags for versions prior to 8.0. LI 3925.05 */

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