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Вакансия Требуется Software Engineer, Full-Stack с релокацией в США, Сан Франциско, 150,000USD в год


New member
Organization: Passright

We’re looking for talented and motivated engineers with 4+ years of experience.
You'll influence the initial specs for the feature, build/modify the backend APIs (mostly Rails),
write the front-end code that consumes said APIs (mostly React.js), and be responsible for ongoing improvements once the feature is deployed.

Here’s what you’ll do:
- Own what you build as you architect, test, and refine
- Tackle a wide variety of technical problems throughout the stack and contribute daily to all parts of our code base, using our development workflow
- Work with our product and design teams to understand customer pain points, come up with solutions, and then prototype, iterate, and launch daily
- Be surrounded by individuals who are doing the best work of their lives and loving every moment of it

Here’s what we’re looking for:
- Passion for creating memorable experiences for customers
- Interest in technologies such as React.js, Ruby, and Rails
- Appreciation for a test-driven, code review culture
- Successful track record building distributed, high-throughput applications that scale
- Experience turning wireframes and mockups into elegantly executed code
- Well-structured, easily maintainable, well-documented code that balances beauty and pragmatism
- 4-year degree in Computer Science highly preferred

Working visa in the USA guaranteed

Gross salary 150K

Please send your CV (in English) to vadim@passright.com
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