Hardware IP Security and Trust

Книга Hardware IP Security and Trust 2019-02-26

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By Mishra Prabhat, Bhunia Swarup, Tehranipoor Mark (Editors)

This book would not be possible without the contributions of many researchers and experts in the field of hardware security and trust.We anticipate over 50 billion devices to be deployed and mutually connected by 2020. Security and trust are paramount considerations while designing these systems. Majority of these IoT devices as well as embedded systems are designed using both System-on-Chip (SoC) components and software applications. In order to reduce design cost and meet shrinking time-to-market constraints,

SoCs are designed using third-party Intellectual Property (IP) blocks. Over the ages, hardware components, platforms, and supply chains have been considered secure and trustworthy. However, recent discoveries and reports on security vulnerabilities and attacks in microchips and circuits violate this assumption. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of SoC vulnerability analysis and presents effective countermeasures and validation techniques to design trusted SoCs using untrusted third-party IPs.