Penetration Testing: Procedures & Methodologies

Ресурс Penetration Testing: Procedures & Methodologies 2019-02-27

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EC-Council (Author)

Year: 2010
Edition: 1
Language: english
Pages: 237
ISBN 10: 1435483677
ISBN 13: 9781435483675
File: PDF, 7.96 MB

The Security Analyst Series from EC-Council | Press is comprised of five books covering a broad base of topics in advanced penetration testing and information security analysis. The content of this series is designed to expose the reader to groundbreaking methodologies in conducting thorough information security analysis, as well as advanced penetration testing techniques. Armed with the knowledge from the Security Analyst series, along with proper experience, readers will be able to perform the intensive assessments required to effectively identify and mitigate risks to the security of the organization's infrastructure.

The series prepares readers for the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (E|CSA) certification. Penetration Testing: Network and Perimeter Testing. Network and Perimeter Testing coverage includes firewall and ids penetration testing as well as penetration testing of laptops, PDA's, cellphones, e-mail, and security patches.
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