Search Engines. Information Retrieval in Practice

Книга Search Engines. Information Retrieval in Practice 2019-02-16

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By W. Bruce Croft, Donald Metzler, Trevor Strohman (Author's)

This book provides an overview of the important issues in information retrieval,and how those issues affect the design and implementation of search engines. Notevery topic is covered at the same level of detail. We focus instead on what weconsider to be the most important alternatives to implementing search enginecomponents and the information retrieval models underlying them. Web searchengines are obviously a major topic, and we base our coverage primarily on thetechnology we all use on the Web,1but search engines are also used in many otherapplications.

That is the reason for the strong emphasis on the information re-trieval theories and concepts that underlie all search engines.The target audience for the book is primarily undergraduates in computer sci-ence or computer engineering, but graduate students should also find this useful.We also consider the book to be suitable for most students in information sci-ence programs. Finally, practicing search engineers should benefit from the book,whatever their background. There is mathematics in the book, but nothing tooesoteric. There are also code and programming exercises in the book, but nothingbeyond the capabilities of someone who has taken some basic computer scienceand programming classes.

The exercises at the end of each chapter make extensive use of a Java™-basedopen source search engine called Galago. Galago was designed both for this bookand to incorporate lessons learned from experience with the Lemur and Indriprojects. In other words, this is a fully functional search engine that can be usedto support real applications. Many of the programming exercises require the use,modification, and extension of Galago components