The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses. Second Edition

Книга The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses. Second Edition 2019-07-29

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Author: Mark A. Ludwig

Year: 1998
Pages: 474
File format: PDF
Language: English
ISBN: 0929408-23-3
ISBN-10: 0929408101
ISBN-13: 9780929408101
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

In this book you'll learn everything you wanted to know about computer viruses, ranging from the simplest 44-byte virus right on up to viruses for 32-bit Windows, Unix and the Internet. You'll learn how anti-virus programs stalk viruses and what viruses do to evade these digital policemen, including stealth techniques and poly-morphism.

Next, you'll take a fascinating trip to the frontiers of science and learn about genetic viruses. Will such viruses take over the world, or will they become the tools of choice for the information warriors of the 21st century? Finally, you'll learn about payloads for viruses, not just destructive code, but also how to use a virus to compromise the security of a computer, and the possibility of beneficial viruses.