Wireless Safety

Ресурс Wireless Safety 2019-02-27

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EC-Council (Author)

Year: 2009
Edition: 1
Language: english
Pages: 224
ISBN 10: 1435483766
ISBN 13: 9781435483767
Series: Ec-Council Press Series

Intended for anyone from the mobile user to a student or professional working in a wireless environment, Wireless Safety serves to expose the reader to diverse technologies while mapping them to real world applications. It provides an overview of WAP (wireless application protocol) and how developers view these enabling technologies, and gives a peek into future trends. Topics include wireless signal propagation, IEEE and ETSI Wireless Standards, WLANs and Operation, Wireless Protocols and Communication Languages, Wireless Devices, and Wireless Security.

Wireless Safety requires no pre-requisite knowledge and aims to educate in simple applications of these technologies. Wireless Safety breaks the myths of wireless computing and reveals the security aspects of wireless and what can be done to secure access, while preparing readers for success on the Wireless|5 certification from EC-Council. For those already in the field, this certification provides the knowledge to excel in the workplace and provides a path for career advancement. For those in the classroom, this book lays a strong foundation to explore technology further.