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    Книга GAME CHANGER. Structural transformation of cyberspace 2019-07-03

    Author's: Juha Kukkola, Mari Ristolainen, Juha-Pekka Nikkarila Publisher: Finnish Defence Research Agency Year: 2017 Pages: 208 ISBN 978-951-25-2953-7 (print) ISBN 978-951-25-2954-4 (PDF) ISSN 2342-3129 (print) ISSN 2342-3137 (online publication) Format: PDF 1 Introduction 1...
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    Книга Confronting an “Axis of Cyber”? China, Iran, North Korea, Russia in Cyberspace 2019-04-06

    Editor: Fabio Rugge (ISPI) Year: 2018 Pages: 180 File: PDF Language: english Print ISBN 9788867058655 ePub ISBN 9788867058662 Pdf ISBN 9788867058679 DOI 10.14672/67058655 The new US National Cyber Strategy points to Russia, China, North Korea and Iran as the main international actors...