1. SearcherSlava

    Книга Metadata 2019-08-07

    Author: Jeffrey Pomerantz Year: 2015 Publisher: The MIT Press Format: PDF Pages: 252 Language: English ISBN: 0262528517 When "metadata" became breaking news, appearing in stories about surveillance by the National Security Agency, many members of the public encountered this once-obscure term...
  2. SearcherSlava

    Книга Surveillance or Security? The Risks Posed by New Wiretapping Technologies 2019-08-07

    Author: Susan Landau Year: 2010 Publisher: The MIT Press Format: PDF Pages: 567 Language: English ISBN: 978-0-262-01530-1 How, in the name of greater security, our current electronic surveillance policies are creating major security risks. Digital communications are the lifeblood of modern...