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Решено Помогите внести ясность с сертификатом BurpSuitePRO



Помогите внести ясность с сертификатом BurpSuitePRO.
На форуме имеется статья, в которой рассказано каким образом импортируется сертификат BurpSuitePRO в браузер.
Всё работает и всё хорошо.

НО на просторах Ютуба мне попался ролик, где автор на английском языке обучает импорту сертификата, скачанного с сайта разработчика.
Вот этот ролик. Он довольно старый, аж 2013 года ))

Вот текст автора, желающие могут перевести ))

Industry toriel will describe how to install SSL certificates in your browser.
One of the functions of a cell is to a centipede the identity of web service that your prizes communicates with to try and prevent one website for masquerading as a different one.
In order to intercept traffic between your browser and web service that needs to break the SSL connection.
This causes a security warning in your browser because it detects that it is not communicating directly with the authentic web server.
This is what the SSL warning looks like on different browsers.
To write ccps websites to be nosey properly uses its own certificate Authority.
And then creates an SSL certificates for each house that you visit and signs these using it ca certificates.
Trent security warnings, you should install a Pepsi a certificate as a trusted root in your browser.
This will cause your browser to trust DSL connections that it makes to burp.
Nexus are other options available for the way that that handles exercise out and you may need these to deal with some special situations.
Installing Pepsi a certificate is simple, but the details depend on your browser.
On Internet Explorer UCSD to launch the browser as administrator.
then using papazzio proxy position HTTP URL
click continue to this website
then click on certificate error and few stiff Achatz.
Go to the specification path select CA certificates on pyramids.
Click install certificates in the Wizard select to place the certificate into the store for trusted root certification authorities.
confirm the action and then restarts I
you should not be able to visit any HTTP URL without any warnings.
on Firefox using better cuz your proxy visits any HTTP URL
Click, I understand the risks and add exception.
Do you stiff Achatz?
In the details tab select the post wiggle CA certificates.
export certificates
I saved a file somewhere.
Then close the open dialog box.
I got you options.
these certificates
and click Imports
sylectus tificate file that you saved and check the box to trust this CIA to identify websites.
You should not be able to visit any HTTP URL without any warnings.
Creme uses a certificate trust or from your house computer.
Normally if you install birth certificate using your computer's built-in browser Chrome will use this.
If you aren't sure where the settings are.
in Chrome using graph with your proxy position HTTP URL
click proceed anyway
Then check on the break and padlock and view the certificate information.
This will link through to the relevant settings feel his computer.
on Safari on RSX using both of your proxy visit any HTTP URL
click show certificates certificates
and select the option to always trust the certificate.
Enter your password if needed.
You should not be able to visit any HTTP URL without any warnings.
30 South helps available within pups contextual help

Вопрос: почему он скачивает сертификат с сайта, если при первом запуске Бурп автоматически генерирует сертификат, который можно сохранить и импортировать в браузер ?
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