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continuation What shall we start with? Getting the information in 2000s

I am not sure BUT there were more wars before than now. No, probably not so. There were MORE attacks, conflicts including local ones where a lot of people were engaged. Because all was fought with HANDS. Only scales were much less. I could compare it with the following pictures:




What was attacked and WHY.

  • Probably the brightest battles were among different teams, especially national ones. As I wrote before the war between Mazafucka and Turkish guys started a new wave of attacks. When sometimes a person entered the channel “Hack” shouting: GUYS, WE ARE ATTACKED, LET’S RESPOND, chaos started. Those who was in the subject, asked for resource address, that could be counterattacked; so they started to launch Ddos from Danyo Launch machines. More experienced guys had their own dedicated servers with a good bandwidth channel that let them launch incredible ping or ab (Apache benchmark tool – utility for testing productivity of web-server Apache. It was created for you to define the productivity of your current setting of Apache. This is the request: ab -c 1000000 -n 6000

utility can even more, for example: ab -n 100000 -c 1000 -r -k -H "User-Agent: Google Bot"

details here --->

Certainly, there was something simple and private. Here you can write ALL, everyone wanted to be part of a team. Some didn’t understand anything, and all of them started their actions – scanning server with Spider, nuking hard disks, telneting 80 port and attempt to get there. Shared scanner resource was always used. All that was commented on the channel. Servers maybe were killed because hundreds of spiders scanned them at the same time.


Such wars were a great entertainment, sometimes they started just because of nothing to do. It was boring on the channel, there was no drive, nobody discussed anything and at this very time LET’S FIGHT WITH THEM!

  • Local wars. Let’s pay attention to getting different information. Besides ICQs and Internet there appeared paying systems in our life. And it became of great interest. Some wanted to get data about owners and ewallets. Many people fought just for fun – you are LAMER, no, You are Lamer! I’ll identify you via IP address! At that time IP address was not a secret, especially beginners. The speed decreased, proxies didn’t work, that were our conditions. Soyou could easily be identified via IP address, especially in mIRC. You could also use DCOM.
JOINER – is what started to fill hackers archive. There is no use in telling about its function-everybody knows everything. But at that time it was a treasure.





It was easy to get information inside the file, that’s why different cryptors and protectors appeared, including private ones.



Besides АV you must also evade this one.



Not all of us can remember that very popular firewall, neither the best nor the worst one. But it was the choice for most of us because it was easy to find a key. The second reason for it was frequent warnings (even sometimes paranoia) that someone tried to hack your system. There also was the person in chats who wrote in panic:

There were ways to evade it and they were always upgraded.


It was the most popular at that time. Later PINCH took its place.



We also had such one as below:


Legendary NetBus – program of remote control of computer system via network. It was established in March 1998 on Delphi by Carl-Fredrik Neikter. The author claimed that his program was created as a “joke” but not as a program which allowed illegal access to computer system. NetBus has client – server structure.


This program was the reason of new questions arose in our web-society such as: HOW CAN I GET NECESSARY PRIVELEGUES USING IT? WHAT SHOULD BE WRITTEN IN HOSTNAME? CAN I HACK PENTAGON? The information about this soft was everywhere that’s why everyone wanted to get it. But the main pain for these people was to get know that first you need to install backend part on the machine you want to take under control. The bravest ones were ready to gain their end: HOW CAN I UPLOAD NETBUS SERVER INTO THE PORT OF PROVIDER? OR CAN I WITH A HELP OF SPIDER UPLOAD NETBUS INTO THE 23 PORT. Sometimes it was even fun, for example: I SEND TO THE PROVIDER CRACKER; I MEAN AN EMAIL WITH NETBUS SO HE WOULD BE HACKED SOON! ALSO I WROTE HIM THAT IT WAS A NEW UNIX SYSTEM!

SmallSoft Lsa Service Exploit – serves to hack computers via 445 and 137 port.


The rest of programs were described before.

So it was the first steps to make a theft with a help of IT only. Also it was the time when cable Internet was appearing at last and it became more available. That is why it wasn’t now the reason for people to start studying IT. Now there appeared a lot of those who only wanted to know only HOW CAN I HACK WEBMONEY? Also it was one interesting story about a schoolboy from Holland who managed to hack WebMoney and ordered his girlfriend a truck of roses. So now he lives on GOA and because the fire damaged his computer he hadn’t any . And at those days it was the main motivations for young minds. They made lots of Trojans inside some picture, file or photo, then came cryptor and you were ready to start sending them to your mailing list. Also a lot of sites were created where one proposed you to hack someone’s WebMoney but the trick was that the aim of these very websites was to crack your own Webmoney.
Many electronic junk mails were sent.

Below you can see the most popular one.


For those who don’t know – at the very beginning of emails the space of your e-mail box was limited! So if you received a lot of spam then it was possible to say that you didn’t have it at all. This is one of the methods that was used to hack some Internet resources linked to your e-mail address.

Even at that time it was possible to set the configuration on different resources for you to receive an e-mail each time you enter one or another of them. If you had a full e-mail box you wouldn’t receive any reports that someone entered you e-mail account.

1) Social engineering – when you had information about an e-mail letter which was really waited for. Then it was necessary to start spamming his box with letters that had Trojan inside. As the person was waiting for a letter he opened it and either you get a real profit or not as AV detected strange activity.

2) Blackmailers – students who were looking for the companies with e-mail boxes, then they spammed and at last they phoned to this company and asked a very simple question: GOOD AFTERNOON! MY NAME IS JOHN AND I AM AN ANTISPAM COMPANY DIRECTOR! DO YOU NEED OUR SERVICES? And people really needed them. It was a very widespread situation because many companies didn’t have admins or security professional who knew all these IT tricks.

The bravest ones even installed Trojan inside the system, launched it in a few weeks and then just came to the company and saved their asses. To do this it was necessary to reinstall the system, antivirus and firewall.

What can we say in such a situation? It was their personal affair.

3) Spying

The companies started to search information about their competitors. One of the main ways to do it was getting an access to an e-mail box. As a rule it was hosted not on free portals as everybody knew that SERIOUS BUSINESS should have SIGNIFICANT SOLUTIONS. Also if one had a paid e-mail box, you got as much space as you need.

Kerio program was the best one.


The cracking was made mostly with the help of bruetforce or vulnerabilities. Those who made money on it bought 0 days. So in other words these people had a lot of money. Why one had to pay $ 10 000 to kidnap people, torture him to get necessary data if they could pay the same money to a hacker. On special thing about it was that everything that these people saw in HOLLYWOOD FILMS they could do in a real life.

AS PRACTICE SHOWS - $ 10 000 were enough to perform such kind of operation. You would even have 60% revenue after all necessary expenditure (such as making exploit, proxy, VPN and renting an accommodation).

Those for whom the business was very important were looking for these kinds of freelancers. And these very “professionals” were making waves as they undertook every job, failed to do 90% of all the tasks, and then they just had to disappear. But nevertheless these specialists never had serious customers. It looked as follows: fishmonger needs to get information about the goods of some marketer whose shop was situated in front of his own. If you succeed he would give you two bottles of beer and some peanuts.

Also our computer clubs started to bring the Internet and some people went there with a software showed below.



The main purpose – those UIN and emails. But we didn’t want money anymore, the target was to meet opposite sex.

Meeting in the net via ICQ was very popular: as many people especially girls used to fill in their personal information very frankly. First, you started searching a friend in your region, city. Next came greeting:

- Hi, you have such a special ICQ number, numerology speaks about your delicate nature…

Why don’t you sleep?

Then after a dialogue which usually lasted for 5 days. Came very exciting moment: sending a PHOTO! At that time it was one of the important stages of your communication because of social media absence in RF and you couldn’t each other. So the moment of truth came:

You received an email, you started downloading (sometimes photo was sent via ICQ, but not everyone knew how)

Time passed, photo from LAPO4KA was still downloading….meanwhile you went on discussing in ICQ chat her features, talents, attitude to literature…


LAPO4KA – did you like it? Did you get the photo? Why are you keeping silence??? Where are you???

Where where....

But there were other cases…


and of course -

Ii’s important to mention, that not everyone had scanner at home. Very often you had to go to another part of the city for digitization. As for digital cameras, it was too expensive. Few people could afford it. That’s why you started searching in the folder ME - PHOTO


No, no, it’s too much.....


here you are fashionable, but, fuck, ACNE...


here you are cool… too young and out of shape....

Fantastic!! But, shit, something wrong with theteeth…..



That’s why we went to the clubs to see potential girls live, steal their ICQ and impress them by your hacker’s skills. Clubs locatd not far from Universities, schools – there were many students who wanted to check email, answer in ICQ.

In 2006 it was getting dead, there appeared social networks and mobile phones became smarter. ICQ was installed on the phone and communication was there.

JIMM was the client


Ordinary people didn’t see real wars, where servers and hard disks were hacked; databases were stolen. Few people knew about it, but everybody kept silence. Law Enforcement Support System ( ) (СОРМ in Russian) started its work under figure 2, controlling communication channels not only telephony.

There were the first legal actions on the article 272 – illegal access to computer information protected by law) and 273 (creating, using and spreading malicious software). 90% of them were FreeIneters that were in remote regions where Internet was luxury. The terms were 1.5 – 3 year of probation. These cases were discussed in MASS MEDIA. Offenders were called HACKERS.there were terrified stories about them. The crucial moment came, someone’s arrogance was put to an end, some started to think about anonymity. Someone even gave it up frightening.

Compare: from 2004 till 2007 there were initiated 20 000 proceedings on these articles, and from 2008 till 2016 – not more than 3000 proceedings. I took data from criminal lawyer. But figures are approximate.

What does it say about? It means that crimes have become quite different, they are hard to discover, and sometimes you even don’t know if the crime was committed or not. Especially it concerns mobile phones, damaged with viruses. Person thought it was system bug but not virus. The age of so called Hackers, who were arrested, was 16-25 years. It was easy to prove – log in from ATS. The case can be thrown as nobody knew for sure how to prove it.

Clever lawyers threw the cases, drew the time etc.

Brain started operating, it was very good. People stopped playing hackers, they began to study.

It was the time when Perl became popular.

To be continued...

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