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Было у кого такой глюк. короче на обейх серверах одинаковое база реплика аи ди ...
уровен доступа на сервере тоже одикановый . пр репликауии пишет
UNable to store document in Имя базы <Note ID = 113131> from имя сервера autorizd to perform operation
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When you attempt to replicate a database from the hub server to a spoke server, the server console shows that the replication was successful, but you receive an email that states the following;
"Unable to store document in NAMES.NSF (NoteID = 0) from YourServer/Org names.nsf (NoteID = 397334): Cannot store document; database has too many unique field names. Please ask your administrator to compact the database."
This error is also captured in the server's log.nsf.

In several cases, the following workaround resolved the issue:

1. Temporarily disable scheduled replication from all spokes.
2. Run Updall -r and Compact on the database replica on both the spoke and hub server.
3. Force replication of the database between the spoke and hub server.
4. Re-enable scheduled replication.

Supporting Information:
Note: If you still experience the issue, try selecting the "Allow more fields in database" option in the Database Properties for both replicas. Then run Compact on the database, and force replication.