1. SearcherSlava

    Книга Cyberpunk. Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier 2019-08-05

    Author's: Katie Hafner & John Markoff Year: 1991 Publisher: Simon & Schuster Format: PDF Pages: 364 Language: English ISBN: 0-671-68322-5 Using the exploits of three international hackers, Cyberpunk provides a fascinating tour of a bizarre subculture populated by outlaws who penetrate even the...
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    Книга Cyberpunk and Cyberculture: Science Fiction and the Work of William Gibson 2019-02-12

    By Dani Cavallaro (Author) Cyberpunk is the fiction of a culture saturated by electronic technology. Its vocabulary is the language of cybernetics, biotechnology, corporational greed and urban subcultures. Massively succesful in both book and film form, cyberpunk has redefined not only...
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    Книга Cyberpunk 2.0. Fiction and Contemporary 2019-02-12

    By Herlander Elias (Author) I first published this book in 1999, a few months before the The Matrix motion picture was released. This was my first book, and there’s no other like our first one. So in the past decade I have been updating this Cyberpunk 2.0: Fiction And Contemporary. And instead...