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    Проблема Запуск NSE скрипта в nmap Поместил в папку и обновил ДБ перед использованием. запускаю таким образом: root@kali:~# nmap -sV --script vulners [--script-args mincvss=<arg_val>] <> bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline' Подскажите плз, как запустить.
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    Книга Hands-On Bug Hunting for Penetration Testers 2019-07-30

    Author: Joseph Marshall Year: 2018 Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd. Format: PDF Pages: 240 Language: English ISBN 978-1-78934-420-2 Detailed walkthroughs of how to discover, test, and document common web application vulnerabilities. Key Features Learn how to test for common bugs Discover...
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    Книга Real-World Bug Hunting: A Field Guide to Web Hacking 2019-07-30

    Author: Yaworski Peter Year: 2019 Publisher: No Starch Press Format: PDF Pages: 430 Language: English ISBN 10 1593278616 13 978-1593278618 Uses real-world bug reports (vulnerabilities in software or in this case web applications) to teach programmers and InfoSec professionals how to discover...