Advantages of FORTRAN Programming Language

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I have worked for the as a senior web consultant and programmer. I have some experience about the programming languages and here I want to share some experience about C++ and FORTRAN languages. I have an amazing regarding experience that I have to choose one of the best language between FORTRAN and C++ for the Meteorological Department involves extensive numerical weather computations. As my perception and according to my knowlegdge, I go with the FORTRAN language because of its features and advantages. The following scenario will be totally fulfilled by the FORTRAN, because it is a general purpose imperative programming language. and according to the scenario the following advantages are heavily supported:
i) Because of the features, FORTRAN is commonly and widely used at space research centres at this time, just like DRDO, The NASA, ISRO and some ranked universities in the world e.g Cambridge University.
ii) FORTRAN language is a principle platform language on the IBM to the all machines including super machine and super computers.
iii) FORTRAN compilers are mostly available.
iv) FORTRAN is a simple and has always existed and the scenario can handle the FORTRAN.
v) It is earlier first programming language and the best at numerical analysis and technical calculations.
vi) FORTRAN having the best and efficient compilers comparing C++.
vii) This is old but the first standardized programming language and reliable to the Meteorological Department involves extensive numerical weather computations.
viii)FORTRAN is the dominating language on supercomputers.
ix) FORTRAN is like MATLAB with some mathematical operations.
x) When the program need for numerical weather computations, there will be very fit point because, "FORTRAN allows whole array operations and also operations on array sections."
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Can you tell why FORTRAN is dominating language in supercomputers? I can't find any sources to corroborate the claim.
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