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Please don't fork me on GitHub


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While this project is licensed under the terms of the GPLv2 and its component's respective Free Software licenses, we encourage people not to use GitHub. We are NOT adding restrictions to the software, we just would like it if people would not use GitHub for the reasons laid out below.
What is wrong with GitHub?

While GitHub as a non-free platform has helped enable developers to collaborate on a wide variety of projects, it still has the following issues:

  • GitHub itself is non-free (Tom reasons it's for business [ link removed])
  • A patch[2] to was received with some hostility[ ].
  • Github has censored various repositories for reasons ranging from DMCA takedown notices to foul or "undesirable" language being used.
  • Tom really likes to talk about freedom, but makes the following claims about the GPLv2/3:
  • ...The GPL is not focused on freedom. It's too long. Too many restrictions. -- Tom Preston-Werner OSCON2013​
    or how about:
    Notice that everything we keep closed has specific business value that could be compromised by giving it away to our competitors. -- Tom Preston-Werner's
  • GitHub was bought by Microsoft in mid 2018. This acquisition could mean tighter integration with Microsoft's cloud services.

We could go on about GitHub, but it is pointless to beat a dead horse. The main reason the libreCMC project does not endorse GitHub or other source code hosting platforms is because they are too centralized and promote the censorship of source code. In order to have a community that is free, it can't be pressured to censor itself and the source code needs to be shared in as many places as possible. The libreCMC project chose to use to manage its code because it allows anyone to pull everything (including the wiki) and re-host it in other places.

Where should I host and share my code?

could be a viable option. Again, we recommend hosting your own code ;)

[ link removed] Open Source (Almost) -

[2] Choose A License GPL patch - Cleaning up description of GNU GPL in the index.html and changing the note in the gplv2 and gplv3 license pages by joshuagay · Pull Request #177 · github/choosealicense.com

[ ] linux-libre choosealicense issue -

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