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Part 3

The time have passed and it was very difficult for us. I had a new PC – Pentium 4 with an ordinary hardware, an agreement with provider for 70 hours (night tariff). As I said, I had time and wish to take a revenge on a definite person (I saw it in the film Hacker – with the agent Gill). I also heard one more thing – you could earn money via Internet. It was the beginning of 2000s.
I used the whole Internet traffic for 10 days. Because I spent there all the limited time (due to the agreement). I entered all the Krovatka chat rooms, learned ICQ, looked for ways of revenge. Unfortunately I was very surprised how Russian reality differed from movie’s one. I thought, I entered some sites and took revenge. But NO! I’d like to tell that my wish to revenge lessened a bit. I hadn’t access to the Internet anymore; parents didn’t give me money and I resigned from the work. At last I found the way out – it was credit for the Internet. The price for it was very high but access was at any time and you must pay off at the end of the month! You see, the end of the month!!! Meanwhile I would earn money in the Internet!!!


“Listen, we were given money via Internet. Check it.” (Hottabych - movie)

What? Really? What is next? Then there were enquiries how to compromise a bank, how to steal a million, hack bank accounts. All these questions took me to the CREDIT CARD GENERATOR and carders’ forum where I didn’t understand anything.


Believe me, at that time it was a real way out! There was no such a wide trade of home appliances as it is nowadays (Ali Express didn’t exist). What people bought via Internet – some paid software. Then they sold it in Krovatka chat. Could you get profit? You see, the situation was the following – you could sell in the chat but how you could get money from people? There was the only way of payment – by mobile cards, i.e. to send money to someone’s telephone number and then get cash.

Nowadays we cannot understand how we needed Internet. It was like a drug – something new, expensive and not available to everyone!




We solved the problem – 90% of people surfed the Internet with open disks and passwords saved in file pwl. There were only 7 or 8 working ones. Access to the Internet was only via telephone directly because we hadn’t Tor or Sox. The real help in this situation was such a device as RUS.


The orange button served as anti-caller ID. We believed in it. But is now everything clear?

Strong belief in this button, wish to feel free and to know something new moved us forward. This is the main resource of those hackers.
We could meet there people who divided into 2 groups:

  • Guuuuys!!! I need Internet immediately!!! Teach to hack or just give!!!
  • There is recruitment in hack team! You must hack! Selection!
It was chat in Hacker.ru – special era of our reality. It was easy to get trust and respect of people. Everyone must have hack portal (90% was on narod.ru or boom.ru hosting). We usually got respect in the following:

  • Hi, people! I’m Micrex54hackermakerdraker11, recruit people in hack team! Our site is bigiklavirvemanal.narod.ru!
  • Then you entered the page of password recovery. 90% managed to get access. Sometimes it was given by the host. For example, the key question: FAVORITE GROUP (now we write 9876asdjhjahu876), but at that time we wrote clearly =) so you write to that megahack:
  • - Hi, man. I can enter your team, I have skill to hack port with assembler. There is one thing, I deal with cool guys. Are you cool?
  • - Certainly, I am. Why?
  • - I’m afraid if you listen to Strelki or Ivanushki… what’s your music?
  • - KINO, TSOY!
That’s it! In 5 minutes you made deface in chat and keep silence, while others don’t stop asking HOOOW???

Chat gave new knowledge – there were some people who asked another types of questions – about Linux, C++, exploits.

Our entertainments were were very similar to this one


Or maybe compromising strangers’ computers and uploading to the web their personal photos bored us to distraction….. But the answer is NO! Cause there was some charm in the process. Just imagine – you are drinking beer, listening to the power metal and resting on your laurels received in the HACKER chat (ХАКЕР чат). Having done all these actions you feel power over others. You didn’t let user watch not decent content (see Lamer’s death) – desktop screenshot was made, CD ROM was on (open\close), MATRIX chat (чат МАТРИЦА) on the black screen etc.

One day I realized that I have changed greatly. I didn’t want any revenge, millions; I looked for information. I watched the wires and imagined their bandwidth. I saw people, their faces and thought whether it was me who hacked your computer, knew all your dirty secrets; and it was the reason of your being so sad…

One day computer club where we watched vulgar things happened to close. They said it was because of computer viruses which devastated all computers’ OS. And then a message appeared on the screen – I KNOW ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE DOING HERE.

It was the reason why I have changed my view of life.

to be continued…
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