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Part 5 Market of 2000s

The first part

I decided to survey the market of goods and services of that period on the RU stage for readers to understand how people lived then.

1). Place

Selling of ICQ numbers! It was rather prestigious to have short UIN (6-5 symbols). It was a respect to have short and beautiful UIN!


For a person of that time having such UIN was not only the index of his power but his authority rose sharply. Numbers were taken mostly with BRUTE.




BRUTE ruled forever. The most beautiful and short numbers belonged to foreign users who even didn’t realize how cool their ICQs were. Passwords sometimes were very funny. According to some surveys 70% of UINs from 2000 till 2005 came to RF, Ukraine and Belarus. These numbers served as currency, presents or they were sold. The prices for such beautiful numbers were the following – 5 symbols - $700 - $1000. But there were cheaper prices – beautiful 6 - 7 symbols - $50 - $150. And the cheapest - $1 - $3 for ordinary 6 – 7 symbols. People often gave ICQ free on forums. But actually, it wasn’t free, they raised their authority. They are sold even nowadays but I doubt if it is profitable. If anybody is interested – search engine – enquiry “selling uin icq”.

The ordinary article of that time about BRUTE was hidden under Spoiler.


2) Spam+ selling \ buying email database
Programs for Spam:




Market needed spam services. Spammers were divided into 2 categories: pro and…just mail junkers. Pro got much money, worked via VDS, had good databases, did tests. Average pro earned $100-$300 a day. But if you were the beginner, things went bad. First of all, they found clients not at the right place, secondly, they worked from dial up that made the quality poor and thirdly, their databases were small. So if such person had 1 order per year, he was very happy.

3) selling private Trojan\ harmful. One of them was Pinch ( the author - coban2k who was the moderator of web-hack; there is an article about it in Hacker). There was free version but less functional.

For more details enter wiki -->

4) Logins and passwords from Internet.

The second part
We came across such announcements:

I buy cardboard, sell white plastic, dumps. It was the beginning of carding. 90% of traders tried to sell what credit card generator created. But sometimes there were qualitative goods. One of the greatest carders’ forums was mazafucka.cc. Besides carders’ deals there were other topics, all the same, concerning gaining cards.

Because of the war between maza and Turkish a lot of users got very interesting tool with which Turkish flooded and usede DDOS attack against maza.


IT WAS A REAL BOMB!!! Denyo Launch!

Feature of it was that even using dial up and one machine you can hack average resources which were a lot! With help of only 12 computers we managed to kill HACKER chat =) So appeared a new service:

TO FLOOD DDOS SITE WITH QUALITY, QUICKLY AND CHEAP! But who needed it? These announcements were on all the forums where everybody knew about it=). Denyo Launch allowed playing a role of Hacker to the very ordinary person. The essence of it could please almost everybody. And killing the site of a village library even for 5 minutes was the top discussion on the forums in the evenings.



It was very seldom when one sold dedicated server and shells. There was no demand on them. Those who couldn’t get it, they even didn’t have any idea, why they needed it; but those who really wanted to get it, did it by themselves. Most of people used machines with shell to make bruteforce attack which was targeted on ICQ passwd.

By the way, the most popular environment for shell was r57shell - (written on php) – it made system operation into a very convenient process (like explorer and my computer).

Now let’s speak about the market. People traded there, tried to make money but in 95% cases it was not the main target. All these actions were done for the sake of spending more time working with a system, software, learning and communicating – not distracting from your hobby. I had some friends who despite the fact of living in a hostel had very powerful computer and computer skills. They sold ICQ passwd, software, drank beer and didn’t pay attention to clothes. And they were really nice guys, they had spirit of freedom. They even didn’t think about earning much money. Because the main things you need – KNOWLEDGE AND possibilities – YOU WON’T BUY ever!

to be continued...

Taken from C чего начать свой путь? Рынок 2000-х
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