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Part 8​

It is boring but necessary​

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You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.

In great business you cannot do without mistakes, errors etc.​

This phrase is said to justify small losses which don’t affect the main subject,​

don’t reduce its importance.​

Everything has changed very fast. It means that you were becoming different. The following factors can be included here: evolution, growing up, changing way of life, modernization. Cable Internet entered every home even with limited tariffs which cannot let you download much, watch films online – 500Mb per month. Standard tariff with the price 1 200 rubles, provided constant Internet access and communication; local networks were huge dumps with movies, games, chats, adult’s video (strawberry).

Vipers Chat – popular chat for local networks. As a rule, provider gave access to local net resources together with the Internet.

Great changes concerned forums on IT and information security. During one week contingent and subjects became quite different. If you didn’t read new articles you are out of the subject. Those who were always in this topic (IT and IS) didn’t have any difficulties, but the rest part who used 3 utilities with only one purpose reached a deadlock. There were a lot of new words, slang, software which you didn’t know how to use.

At that time I was a moderator on several resources of similar subjects. Putting things in order, I realized that I’m being out of subject. Though, I was not alone, there were other moderators or even admins who created another account to ask for an advice from their colleagues.

It was a shame to ask silly questions having a nice reputation. I made a conclusion – it is not shameful to study! You want knowledge, get it by all means – ask, learn! Even such comments as

– Hey, dude! You don’t know how it works??? You are ******** and you don’t know????

  • No, I don’t know! So what?
  • There were no YOU TUBE, any resources with detailed description on native language. Having become popular Sniffing caused many questions especially with *nix users

There were many working versions for Windows, but only a few for *nix. They were without graphical interface and sometimes you faced a lot of problems to launch them.

Give me too – was very cool and easy to use sniffer. Security policy was not developed well. You can catch 99% of important information.



There also was IRIS


Cain&Abel will soon be in the folder with software.


*In local chat there were a lot of people who wanted to know everything about each other. Boys wanted to know as much about girls and vice versa: sniffing of passwords and addresses was targeted only to get photo and information. Where else you could get experience and skills.
As for the nix the real revolution was made by Ethereal known now as wireshark. It had some problems with installing. But nevertheless it worked!! Frankly speaking I wouldn’t say it was cool and convenient, even when the graphic was improved. Those for Windows were more convenient, faster and more practical. In 2003 – 2007 laptops were not available for everybody, there was lack of knowledge and clear decisions. You had to take software with you on CD or USB of 128 Mb. You could test it from net computer which you were testing. 99% of them had Windows XP as ОС.

Inventing of BackTrack made a revolution in IS – all tools were in one place, separate OS, for any taste.

But the most interesting was new subject which appeared on one of the forums – ADVISING ON LEGAL QUESTIONS ON THE ARTICLE 272 - 273 OF CRIMINAL LAW OF RF.

There were mass arrests of users of Free Inet. A lot of people were arrested. Cases were growing fast.
So the procedure was as follows:

After having watched the person virtually – forums, nicks, chats, sites – there was made his psychological portrait; and decision was taken either to arrest him or continue watching him to reveal more serious cases. If a decision was made to arrest the person, first he was under surveillance, studied his working day and only after that about 7a.m. or 8 a.m. (when hacker went to study or work) they did their plan. People in civil clothes showed their documents, entered the flat making video, and called for witnesses. In the flat they took away disks, processor, smartphone, all copybooks where they saw even one word connected with IT. They took the person to the police department for testimony. If he gave evidence, he may be free till the next time, if he connected with lawyer, he may be free too. There was no practice how to deal with these cases, how to provide case to the trial. Courts were at a loss; judges put off cases or sent them away for further development, because they didn’t know what modem or ip scanner was. Detectives were polite; they were interested in this subject. They worked in department R- now it is K- where clever persons were employed.

I’ve read a lot of documents of that time and I didn’t see any complaints on rude treatment. I think it is right as ordinary schoolboy or student who used Free Inet was not dangerous. Those who were really dangerous stopped using Free Inet long ago.

It was much later when started to interfere and the situation looked like this:

So forums were out of people and topics about Free Inet; evolution took place:

Hacker redkoftan0zzz tells about capturing firewall of stranger by means of Trojan horses. He is listened to with great attention.

Drawing of 2004 – forum Hack All.


Forums changed from such ones


into these ones.

Although some admins were at the initial level of evolution. Due to this fact forums became empty despite presence of good articles.

Admin writes the article about Trojan horse of 2001 and how they can hack provider, where the only visitor was bot catdog of 2005.


There suddenly appeared new vulnerability in the Internet inside phpbb engine; so upload shell on the server in 1 minute and hack it became very easy.

php web-shell


And here came the Second Coming of persons who perceived an Internet as a great way for self-affirmation.
* Google – was really cool search engine. Shodan wasn’t used anymore.

So the hacking of everything began: from forums for housewives to those of serious companies.

The aim was - deface


The silliest ones did it reckless, but there were also others who were starting to explore the system immediately after having received an access to it. Often everything was configured very weakly so it was possible to get to other directories from the home one, upload and use an exploit to increase your privileges.

And then new arrests began. Young minds didn’t even think about consequence when they were hacking farmer’s forum and writing on its main page unquotable phrases. They didn’t even use proxy – because speed decreased, connection sometimes was lost but the desire of being significant was too strong! As a result, these people started moaning on the forums – POLICE CAME TO ME! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

One more important innovation! Now we had strict border between what you COULD do and what was PROHIBITED. One clearly understood the consequences. Many people stopped interesting this topic. So we had a lot of free space appeared and we felt a sigh of relief.

Computer clubs became very popular once again because they gave us anonymity. There wasn’t yet; internet was quite fast so it was the greatest place to spend time. And if you bought a few bottles of beer to an admin then you could do whatever you want. The clubs (most of them) had an unlimited tariff so it was possible to download a huge volume of information.

*Admin NEO in computer club Matrix. The Second Coming.


And the most significant thing of that time was the necessity of IT specialists. I mean not simple system administrators who will only check the performance of operating system but A REAL “IT” SPECIALISTS.

Security specialists were also required in many companies. And at last it was understandable that your hobby could become A FAIR earning, and we realized why we spent so much time sitting in front of a monitor. Now we had a real alternative to stealing credit cards and having then a lot of problems. People who weren’t quite serious just gave up this field because the responsibility became too heavy and tools were very complicated.

We entered a new era. I mean not stage but ERA, leaving all these thing in the past.




Such resources about hacking provider (he is lamer – so it is easy to hack him) started to disappear

or something like this

We started to forget about the existence of such books:



A clear understanding of why you were studying this sphere appeared at last. People realize the difference between HACKERS and CRACKERS, white hat, grey hat, and black hat; It wasn’t different stages of people evolution. It was the same specialists who were administering the servers, configuring networks, writing software and code. Everyone saw that there wasn’t some special literature because it was all about the same. Searching for a program with a bottom [HACK EVERYBODY] also stopped. People who hadn’t serious intention to study IT at last stopped wasting their time.

Dear friends, if you managed to read this article till the end then – respect. It is quite boring but necessary part as we have already come to final posts and it is impossible to understand them without reading it.

To be continued:

Taken from С чего начать свой путь? Культ щепки
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